436xde Advice


I know this probs been asked loads and stuff but i am too exited :)

the beast is comming 2morow and its my first plasma so dont wana brake it ;)

what do i do when its all up and running, do i need to change any settings or anything

its not gona be used for gaming so thats sorted

anything else



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Picture setting off dynamic for the first 200 or so hours viewing. Contrast/brightness/colour set below 50% for same period and beware on screen logos. This seems to be the general opinion. I've had no problems at all during the 1st 3 weeks, but then I've stuck to the above so I can't say whether not doing it would be detrimental!


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I have had my screen for a couple of weeks now. It was setup a day or two after I got it by the shop I bought it from. They calibrated the screen and then my speakers etc, with a sound sensor thingy. I have not given it any special treatment, and just watched what I wanted on the calibrated setting from the start.
No problems really, so I would set it up and leave it. I agree with turning dynamic off and leaving it off, unless you really prefer it.
The motion judder is improved with all the noise reduction turned off, and the missus complains it is too dark sometimes, but I can't see that it is. (I think this is when she was watching it with bright sun coming through the window behind the screen!) Black detail isn't as good as the CRT I had but then I was expecting that to be the case anyway.
The demo disk they had was awesome, in fact we chatted so much he forgot and left it in my DVD player. I was tempted to keep it!


So basically turn off the dynamic settings off

then make sure the settings are below 50% of what, the full amount

so if max on contrast is 100 then dont make it higher than 50%

what about just keeping the default settings


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Depends what the default settings are. As many others have posted here, out of the box settings are usually designed to make the panel look bright and attractive in a shop and usually are set to dynamic. I know mine was and looked incredibly bright when first turned on. I would check what default settings are rather than just switch on and leave.


ahhh i see

il turn the beast on then and post the settings and see whats a good setting that i can use for it

or anybody can post there settings which used when they recieved theres, as a little idea of what i need



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Someone please compose a 436/506 XDE FAQ thread.

Not a dig at you AFSTER but these questions are asked everyday.

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