436-XDE Serial Number


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I now have my new 436 mounted on the wall.....I will post some pics later, but in my haste forgot to note the serial number on the back of the screen. I don't want to have to take it back down so I was wondering if the serial no. is shown anywhere in the hidden menu.

If someone knows their serial and can check to see if it is there I would be very grateful. There is a long number at the top of one of the pages, but I am not sure if this is it.


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I can't check it now...But I recall that when using a utility called monitorinfo on my laptop via an HDMI connection it returns the serial number as part of the general information...Might be worth a try....


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The serial number is also on the top of the frame, at least it is on mine. I assume this is to get round the problem you're finding yourslef in at the moment ;)

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