436-XDE Scaling Questions


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I dont have the screen yet but I did download and read the manual a few weeks ago (sad I know :rolleyes: ). There are a few things that I would like clarification on:

1) The screen has its own inbuilt scaler - so if your watching a programme at a non HD resoution, I assume it lets you change the resolution to your choice?

2)If the feed is at a HD resolution, does the screen detect this and then display it at that resolution? Also giving you the option to change it to your chosend resolution (eg change a 720p feed to 1080i?)

3)Contemplating a upscaling DVD player - Is there much point? As the screen upscales the feed anyway doesnt it?

Thanks as always guys :thumbsup:


1/ You can't change the resolution, I would have thought the media box converted everything to 1024 * 768.

2/ The screen does detect different resolutions and will actually tell you what it is being fed, 525i, 480i, 480p, 750p etc, but again you cannot tell it to scale 625i to 1080i etc, it will just scale it to fit the screen.

3/ I'm also considering a Denon 1920 so would be interested to hear feedback on this.


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everything will be scaled to your TV, whatever is feeding it.


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The scaling goes on inside the plasma panel, not media box. Or used to anyway, the box is the same for 43 and 50 models.... It's an opaque process, you see nothing of what is going on. I'm not a fan of the XDE at all, done a few now, none have thrilled me. It's the best looking plasma when turned off, that's for sure. PQ wise, I'm not convinced. I see picture noise, very artificial skin, poor blacks just like every other Pioneer.


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MAW - your assesment of the 436XDE does bother me to an extent. As everyone I'm looking at either a Pioneer 436 or a 42PHD8. What bothers me about the Panny is the quality of the digital inputs. I'm planning on going for HD Sky next year so the quality of the digital inputs IS a factor with me but I also need a decent quality analog input to start off with at least.

Sorry for going off topic slightly here........


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It will be interesting to see when I get back from offshore today when Ive got a chance to finally see the 436XDE in the flesh, to see if it is indeed poorer than the panny. Ive ready many reviews in avsforum.com that state much the same opinion as Maw. I would agree with you totally it beats the pv500 in style to an extent. But Im interested in PQ, I know that the PHD8 is even better but I prefer the all in one solution.

Cant wait for tomorrow, well excited. Heard from JL today, stand gets delivered Sat and I just bought a stand off someone here!

Will JL accept it if I take it back and say I no longer need it? Anyone know how they are with this sort of thing? I shouldnt have thought I wouldnt have a problem getting rid of it as they are in short supply.


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There are other manufacturers of Plasma's besides Pioneer and Panasonic, I am biased but the Fujitsu PQ tak s a lot of beating especially on the 50", to not demo it before deciding on a plasma might not be wise. I won't comment further....

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