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Hi all,

I've just got a DVI to HDMI converter to hook up my Samsung 935 dvd player to my Pioneer 435xde. Please could someone answer my questions below (i've searched and there is some answers but not completely).

1) What is the native resolution for the 435xde? I thought 1024x768 was a 4:3 resolution?

2) What is the best setting on the Samsung 935 to feed the plasma without upscaling then downscaling?

3) When playing a R1 disc the Pioneer reports the following signals as i cycle through the output, 525p,750p and 1125i. Is this correct and could someone explain why its not 720p, 1080i etc

Thanks in advance,

The only One I can answer in number One. 1024x768 is a 16:9 resolution.
and you got that wrong :)

1024 divided by 4 and multiplied by 3 is 768

I get 1366x768 when I connect my PC to 435 which is a 16:9

I've read upscaling dvd players aren't particularly effective in comparison to a good quality DVD source, that was certainly the case when I tried feeding a 1080i signal from my HD enabled Xbox, the reported resolutions are a quirk of the Pioneer so my dealer led me to believe, it tends to add on some extra lines [if memory serves he said it was due to the signal frequency] but it was over a year ago and my memory can sometimes fail me :)
Panzer22 said:
The only One I can answer in number One. 1024x768 is a 16:9 resolution.

Is it? Confusing, how come it's an option with a 4:3 monitor in Windows then?

Cheers for replying :thumbsup:
The 1024x768 16:9 panels have rectangular pixels rather than square, thus giving you a widescreen image. They are squased down.

You would probably be best to go out 480/576p and let the panel scale, because you can't give you panel 1:1 mapping just sending it progressive should give the best results, you don't really want to scale in the player and then scale again in the plasma.
If you could output 1024x768 that would be different, you could then give the panel 1:1 mapping and completly bypass the panels processing giving a much sharper image (that is if the DVD player is actually better at deinterlacing and scaling than the plasma).

1) The panel uses non-square pixels so it is actually 1024x768 with a physical ratio of 16:9

2) I'd recommend leaving the DVD player alone to output an unmodified signal otherwise you will be scaling twice. No matter which resolution you choose, there will be scaling involved.

Assuming we're talking about a PAL DVD which is 720x576 pixels, the panel will be scaling up both ways.

If you set your DVD player to output 720P, the player will scale up, then the panel will need to scale the 1280 pixels into 1024, then the 720 pixels into 768.

From a technical point of view it's a no-win situation. The best advice is to try all the different combinations and choose the one that looks best to you.

3) Those numbers reflect the total number of lines in the source signal, not the visible number of lines. For example, 525P is what most people would call 480P and 625P is 576P
To answer your Windows question, 1024x768 is a 4:3 resolution, but the panel physically stretches this into a 16:9 shape.

Inside Media Player / TheaterTek DVD etc, you can adjust the aspect ratio so that the resulting picture looks correct.

If you want to run your PC in native resolution, there is nothing you can do to prevent the desktop and the other things running on there from looking stretched.

One workaround would be to set your PC to 1366 x 768 resolution. The panel will then scale (in the horizontal direction only), and you should still get very good results - and everything the right shape!

If you're only using the PC to watch movies though, I'd leave it set at the native resolution and correct the aspect ratio in the player software though.

seconded, could never understand fully the dealers answer tbh

and your right, I had set the graphics card output to 1366x768 to get the aspect ratio abit more natural
Radioactive man, are you connecting via DVI to HDMI on the rear of the media box or just through the front connector?
my DV79 is connected via HDMI to rear of Pioneer media box, when I ocassionally hook up my PC I use the front HD15 connection on media box
My bad. I did get that wrong. Strange, I should know this as my PC display is set to 1024x768 or a 4:3 screen. I was thinking 1280. ;)

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