435 XDE - Honest to goodness - it's heaven


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Hi there folks

I know this is just a big old gush thread but I now have my pioneed 435xde up on the wall and have had it there for a wee while now


DVD through component and sky through scart (van damme component and techlink scart) It is just brilliant. Even the PS2 through scart is stunning.

As for calibration - to be honest - I used my own eye and a thx omptimser for tuning. I only left it for about 20-30 hours at low contrast levels though before calibrating - still it's all good.

Shat myself the other day tho as music choice decided they could not be arsed changing images and I got a horrendous after image.

Gone now.

Morale of the tale - put music choice on and turn the tv off!!!



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Why does anyone buy anything else its just sheer jaw dropping images
get Kill Bill 1 and watch those snowflakes am I obsessed YES

PS Cannot wait for the Xbox to play a HD DVD on it Blow me away please


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I see the 436 is out now and has a significant improvement in contrast with noticeably better blacks. I've seen a couple in Comet stores playing the High Definition loops (see various other threads) and it is easily seen that it offers the best picture bar none. Well, apart from the 506 probably but I haven't seen one of those yet!



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I think in the end it boiled down to me spending no more than £2000
and this demo from J Lewis at £1900 ticked all the box's i don't think I would have
gone for Pioneer at say £2500 for the new 436 sa in the end I am happy to
have got the high end TV for a reasonable price...



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I've had the 505XDE for the best part of a year, and couldn't agree more. Stunning!

I can't wait to get my hands on the X360 now, thats gonna look so delicous. :)

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