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Need some help here guys, took delivery of the JS RGB To Componant Box and fitted today,Switching using my Sony Strva555 between just sky and dvd player, no probs with dvd, but sky, lipsync problems very from poor to terrible, sky news being the biggest culprit, itv news is nowhere near as bad, any ideas, or any of you suffering similar probs, i havnt subscribed to sky for some 12 months, and now unsure if it's worth bothering, and keeping my 28'' tv for *normal* tv


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I also had bad lip snyc problems with sky audio using RGB to VGA converter unit.

Instead of using the audio from the converter unit I connected the audio out phono from the digibox direct to my amp thus using the converter unit for picture only.

I noticed a vast improvement with hardly any lip sync problem.

Hope this helps



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Ive Tried the above, no better/worse, i cant view sky like this....HELP.......!


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Just "how bad" is the lip-sync problem? - is it something you could filter out by using a "delay setting" on the amp?? (actually, not entirely sure if your amp has a dedicated "delay setting" like some of the high end Denon's...) :(

Not that it's any consolation, but I believe it's caused by the panel's internal Progressive Scan system increasing the amount of time it takes to process the picture (approx 2 frames delay). If you do a search in this forum you'll find that there have been quite a few posts on this issue in the past few months and I'm sure somebody must have come up with a solution :( Sorry I can't be of any more help.



Just bought 2 of a similar thing from Lektropacks (£75 each) and they work a treat. They dont give audio out thoug, but I have it running with Sky, BBC Digital and PS2 and there are no sound delay problems at all.


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Hi All,

just to let you know more about lip sync.

Interface boxes do not adjust the timing of the video with respect to the audio - they are not, and I repeat, not the source of the lip sync problem.

Audio picked up from the phono connectors on the boxes are the same as the audio output by SCART and also by the phonos on the Sky box. There is no delay between them.

Video processing is done in real time - therefore there is no additional lip sync because of the interface.

Lip sync is worse on some Sky channels and on some programs than on others. You can see this even with a normal CRT TV without any interface product. Plasma screens do process the piciture, and can put you over your threshold for lip sync tollerence. Some A/V amplifiers have compensation for this.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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Just to update, the picture is not displayed with the same timing on the plasma as on my T.V. - i've had them on together (all afternoon),and every time there's a major change in source, i.e. adverts, the plasma is a few 100ths of a second slower to respond, it's easily noticeable. i'm going to play with the cabling a little tomorrow, i've got a 5 mtr scart from digi to js converter, 1 mtr componant cable to amp, and 5 mtr componant from amp to plasma, thats 11 mtr's. Do you think this could be causing the delay. I'm gonna replace the 5 mtr scart to js box, with 1 mtr,and bypass the amp and go direct to the plasma, thats then 6 mtr's,see if that alters anything. Failing that, i'm stumped, as far as i'm aware, my av amp has no delay settings.
An earlier reply is correct, sky's lip sync is better/worse depending on which channel you are viewing, on *normal* channels, i.e. BBC, ITV, the lip sync would be cured if a can get rid of the few 100th's of a second delay to the plasma.

Any other suggestions/ideas of any kind - TIA


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I'd be lying if I said that longer cables didn't have a longer delay. But, for your purpose the dealy is not something you'd notice. Electricty flows down cables at about 2/3 the speed of light, in a home-cinema you might as well consider it to be instant.

So, changing the cables won't help with lip-sync delay. The delay is because your screen is holding on to the image before displaying it. Why you notice this on some channels rather than others is down to your threshold. Some channels are more out than others, when you add the delay that your screen is adding, this put you over your tollerence.

Some people with surround sound amps are able to adjust the delay going to the centre channel, allowing the dialogue to be brough back under your tollerence.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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So... what's the solution Symanski, do all plasma/jsbox owners tolerate the lip sync, i'm getting a little confused.......my brother in law noticed the lip sync right away, and he is not into H.C. at all, and he wouldnt tolerate it, he suggests i call out pioneer. I spend £4000.00 on display & js box & cables, and things are far from right.

Joe Fernand

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There was a fairly detailed thread on the forum about two months ago covering lip sync issues on a 50" and a 42" Panasonic display.

Calling out Pioneer will not yield a solution to your individual problem. Your plasma display is taking longer to process the incoming video signal than your AV amp is taking to process the incoming audio signal - they are both working to spec its just that the specs are not matched; this is why many external AV processors as used fairly widely in the US have adjustable audio delay.

As soon as you start to separate audio and video in your system into differing components you can expect to get timing errors. As you have also noticed this phenomenon varies depending on the source material being output by the broadcasters and even different DVD's will highlight this issue more than others.

In your system you are suffering from the vagaries of SKY - some channels are fine some are not; you cant really blame your hardware for showcasing the failings of the broadcaster.

I have a Pioneer HDE PlasmaTV set up at home at the minute and even when using its internal audio system and clip on speakers it is more likely to highlight lip-sync issues on SKY than the Panasonic 15" LCD TV that is sat alongside it - they both show the lip-synch its just so much more noticeable on the big screen.

You really need to look at getting an AV amplifier/processor that enables you to dial in some audio delay to the incoming signal as and when you require it or has some size/distance adjustments on the speaker settings to let you add some delay to the signal arriving at the speakers.

Best regards


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