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I've just tried connecting (one after the other) two different DVD players via component (3 wires only) to my 433MXE (5002 card). Nothing on Input 2 for either.

So far I've:

- been through Interlaced & Progressive set-ups on both DVDs.

- gone into the plasma installer menu (menu then power on) but can only adjust the option part of the Input 2 menu (both with and without a disc being played).

I understood that the installer menu allows the component input to be set (1 or 2) but I can't see how to get to the other parts of this menu.

The S-video connection works fine from both DVDs.

How do I make the panel believe it has component connected ?

Joe Fernand

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Take the Y (usually the green socket) from one of your DVD players and plug it to the Composite input of the display; switch the display to Composite; you should now get a nice green image if the DVD is outputting YUV.

Let us know how you get on and we can work out a Step 2.

Best regards



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Hi Joe

By composite I think you mean Input 4 ? I tried that and Y to G on input 2. Also tried both progressive and interlaced from the DVD.

No picture and no extra installer menu options.

I love it when a plan comes together ! :rolleyes:

Next guess is either get another component cable (it's cinemax professional and brand new) or consider using the warranty as the card itself may have a problem ?

Open to other suggestions if I'm being a complete muppet ! :rotfl:


Joe Fernand

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If your source is outputting a YUV signal you should have a Green image on Input 4 (Composite Video) using the Y signal form the Source.

I take it when you had the source working via Input 03 (S-Video) you also had the YUV cables in place and using the on screen menu re set the source to YUV out and then switched the display to Input 02.

What DVD player are you using? and certainly I'd try another set of RCA to BNC cables just in case there is a problem with your CineMAX cable.

The MXE can be fussy about sync levels so possibly the YUV out on your player is a bit below par - I think the fact that your getting a signal on S-Video counts against the card being faulty; though you may want to power down the display and pull the card out and then re insert it just in case its not seated correctly.



It could be that your DVD is not outputting YUV cos you have to switch it on in the menu. Mine is like that, rgb scart OR yuv, not both. So, if it has an s-video out, I'd use that to get a picture, and go into setup and have a look. Then comes the interesting bit, connect YUV to the plasma, and in all likelyhood the plasma will be set to RGB, giving you the weirdest picture! So change that in the plasma menu, and Robert will be your you know who.


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Joe you are today's winner !

I swapped the CineMax cable for an overpriced Monster from Comet :blush: (it was Sunday and I was in a hurry)

Voliá - one green picture. Quick fiddle in plasma menu and Halle Berry is now in sharp relief :devil:

Thanks for your time and suggestions (and MAW) :D

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