433 mxe resolution question


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If I'm using my plasma as a monitor from a pc, what resolution should I set my graphics card to get the correct aspect ratio? the 433 native resolution is 1024x768, but this will obviously get a stretched image because the plasma is widescreen.

I'm currently set to 1360x768, does this sound right?

Also, windows doesn't seem to recognise it as a pioneer 4ee mxe. When I installed linux it recognised it straight away. Are their any drivers for this plasma out there.



I can't see that outputting a non-native resolution and having it scaled is going to do anything for quality.

I'd stick with the native resolution personally as you'll get a 1:1 pixel mapping. In general PC use it doesn't bother me and for DVDs I use Theatertek's excellent aspect ratio editting to sort out the pixel shape.

I might be missing the point here though, so it would be usful to understand what you're trying to achieve or worried about.

I don't know if there are Windows drivers, but Powerstrip does a good job of working out what resolutions and refresh rates the display supports. Must admit though that I tried Powerstrip and didn't find it did anything for me.


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I use the plasma for watching sky and my dvds (watch dvds through a regular player as I can never get the right results through the pc)

I also have a small shuttle pc connected to it for browsing the internet, mp3s and pictures. I want to show the pictures in their correct aspect ratio and so was wondering what resolution I needed to use.

There must be other people out there who use their plasma for a monitor?


No need for powerstrip there. As you say, theatretek can sort out the aspect ratio, and I believe Nebula does as well. It's only if you are viewing your wedding photos with the wife this might become an issue. Doesn't bear thinking about in fact! :eek: The rational way round it is to use it in 4:3 mode for photos.

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