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Hey all!
I feel this is a question that gets asked every few months...
I have a LG43UM7600 in my bedroom which since buying it a year ago I've now had 3 issues with. I have to agree with some comments on here that LG are happy to take your money, but to approve a refund are absolutely useless.

I've had a single green line appear on the TV, repair people came and fixed it, ARC kept dropping out with my YSP2700 soundbar/also happened with my YAS108 before I took it to work also. Repair people fixed it... after ARC repair my TV has what I would call a burn in of the previous frame at the bottom of the screen... I was fine with two issues... but three times... for a TV that's less than a year old... shame on me.

I'm looking if I do get the refund what you recommend as a replacement.
Sony 43x8000H,
Samsung UA43TU8000,
Hisense 43S8.

I do have an Nvidia Shield, so Android TV doesn't need to be a deal breaker, heard the image on the TU8000 isn't crash hot and Hisense, well it's a Hisense....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hard to know with the Hisense what it compares to. If their TVs are anything like their European models at smaller sizes they are generally a lot better than the competition at lower price points.

Did you decide which panel type is best suited to your conditions? If its VA you prefer then definitely go for the Hisense as its the only one of the 3 you mention that will definitely be using that kind of panel.

The Sony is IPS. The Samsung could be either IPS or VA...best avoided unless you don't have a preference for either.

The most defining factor in a TVs picture quality is the type of panel it uses. Your current LG is IPS.

Something else I've recently mentioned in a couple of other threads today also applies to you, and that is not to be tempted into thinking by spending more money will net you a better overall TV. Most, if not all 43" TVs are low range models, so there's not going to be a huge difference spending top dollar on a 43" compared to next to nothing...that is also another reason to consider Hisense usually, because they are usually a lot cheaper than the competition.

I know Australian consumer law is a lot stricter than elsewhere, and I surely hope you are able to get a refund for your purchase but usually a manufacturer will offer the standard 1 year warranty which includes parts and repair. There's no warranty directly from them offering a refund. In fact, usually you have to take any plea of a refund up with the store you bought the TV from.


Thanks so much for that and I actually saw your comment mentioning some of that after I had posted this up. I do need to take it up with the retailer, but to eliminate back and forth (the store isn't exactly around the corner from me) I wanted something from LG saying essentially this is the third the customer has had... probably a bad device and offer him a refund.

I'm not opposed to Hisense... but Sony... But double the price. Is there a way to know what the panel is?

Sony is near double the price... But my reservation was it doesn't have the Apple TV app... but with the difference I could get the Hisense and an Apple TV4K....


Manufacturers sadly don't disclose panel info, but its pretty well know that Sony are using IPS panels on their 43" TVs whilst Hisense VA.

You'll get a good idea of the pros and cons of each TV by comparing similar north american models here:

As you'll see its the type of panel which determines the biggest differences between TVs. Due to having a VA type panel the Hisense has greater contrast and better black screen uniformity..so as per my comparison link, will work better for dark viewing viewing conditions.

On the other hand the Sony, using an IPS panel pulls ahead if being used in bright conditions. It has better viewing angles, gets brighter and can cope with reflections better.

So its all down to how you'll use the TV and where you want its strengths and weaknesses to lay.


Viewing angles seems to indicate a IPS panel on the 43S8
Manufacturer specs like this don't really help determine which panel the TV has. They will exaggerate and make it seem like viewing angles are fine, when they are not. Either way, I had a quick check and the same viewing angle figure is show on the Hisense.co.uk website for TVs that are definitely using VA panels.

Hisense exclusively use them, so its no surprise.

If you do need good viewing angles, consider TVs from LG or Sony instead.

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