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Hi all, thanks in advance for the assistance. I had a good look through the 43" TV threads but didn't really find an answer and was wondering if anyone might offer some advice.

I'm aware that the TVs available at 43" are not the best, but to be honest most things will probably be a reasonable step-up from my current TV (a Samsung 23" 720p from 2007 - as you might be able to tell I am not fussy, having used this to watch TV/Netflix and play a PS3/PS4 for the last 13 years). Unfortunately my room dictates the size, even 48/49" would just be too big. So I'm aware my options are limited. I think in terms of panels VA is probably best for my purposes. I usually sit around 5-6ft from the screen.

Having got good use out of my Samsung for so long, I was originally just going to get a new Samsung. However I've been going through my options. I was looking at the Hisense TVs, and was wondering if there is much point in moving up the models, e.g. at 43 inches, is there much difference at that size between the A7300, currently on sale for £290 in my area (converting from €), vs the A7400, currently about £410. Hisense's website says the differences are Dolby Vision, Wide Colour Gamut, and "4K HDR certified" (whatever that exactly means).

Furthermore, if I was to pay £410 for the 7400, would it be worth bumping it up to £455 for the Samsung TU8500? (FWIW TU7100 is currently £390) I've seen it getting good reviews on various media sites, but I'm not sure. I can't afford to spend more than £500. I can also probably make it until Black Friday, but the Hisense A7300 looks like a reasonable deal so thought I might ask. I'm also not wedded to either Hisense or Samsung so any other recommendations more than welcome. Thanks so much, any help is greatly appreciated!


The problem with Samsung is you won't know the type of panel you'll receive when you buy the TV. They use different panels on their TVs and make it impossible to find out prior to purchase which type you are getting. It makes it very hard to recommend there TVs, especially their low size/lower tier models where the panel games are more common.

First step when choosing a TV should be determining which type of panel is suited to your conditions:

Once you have a good idea whether you like the sound of IPS or VA, it makes narrowing down your choices easier.

Second thing to consider is that right now isn't the best of times to buy a TV, and you will get more for your money if you were to wait until Black Friday or later. TV pricing is currently too high to recommend TVs.

Regarding the Hisense models you've already pointed out the differences, things like Dolby Vision HDR support, Wide colour gamut support relate to using HDR on the TV. Using content that isn't available in HDR yet will give the same results on the cheaper Hisense compared to the more expensive one.

If you want a taste of the better colours HDR can give, go for the higher tier model, when you use HDR on that TV you'll notice colour will be better.

Just beware though, that like all TVs at this size none are without problems when displaying HDR, so you will probably end up wanting to watch the SDR version instead once you come accross these problems. In that respect, just buying cheaper is a better idea.

More detail on HDR here: All about HDR (High Dynamic Range)

It seems like you have already read quite a bit about smaller TVs, my own view on it is there's no reason to spend more money at smaller sizes because even with a limitless budget you cannot find great TVs at smaller sizes. Therefore its a good idea to buy cheap and replace your TV sooner than it is to spend more money expecting something to be noticeably better when it won't.

If you are swaying towards a TV with a VA panel, Chinese manufacturers like Hisense and TCL use that technology on their TVs whilst LG and Sony use IPS.

Samsung/Philips - well you won't know until you own the TV, no harm going for these models if you don't mind which panel you get on the TV, but don't expect a TV to be better than another just because its from a more known brand.

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