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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by HonorVirtus, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Hi chaps , quite a specific requirement but I am hoping those more knowledgeable might be able to help.
    I want to wall mount as tidily /discretely as possible a 43" ish TV in a kitchen.
    It is to go above a worktop area with a low ceiling so it can't be too big.
    I really like the Samsung one connect idea and that would solve a lot of my problems however they only seem to do it for bigger TVs now >55" .

    Samsung's Frame TV would work at 43" but it seems very expensive compared to better performing TVs? or is that my imagination?
    I was also told they are stopping the 43" Frame as it didn't sell ... maybe it didn't sell because of the price?

    It needs to mount as flush as possible.
    Any ideas on TVs to consider ?
    Do any competitors do something similar to the one connect?
    I have left a 2" pipe hidden in the wall to go from the back of the TV to the cupboard below to hide cables ... this could get very busy if there are Power /HDMI/ coax cables in there... assuming the plugs fit down the hole!
    I have a freesat/power/ network connection in the cupboard.
    Would also like to put a console hidden away in there (xbox-X)

    I seem to have gone around in circles so some sanity would be greatly appreciated!


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