42WP16 @ 2999.95 - help with mounting



My first thread so bear with me :)

Interested in the Toshiba 42WP16 @ 2999.95 from Richer Sounds.

Going to go into my new flat in a months time.

I getting some walls moved around at the moment and was thinking of getting it recessed (have I spelt that right) fairly flush into the wall. It's all stud walls with timber joists.

1)Anyone done this?? Good idea? I know it will be a pain to remove, but hoping I won't have to do it every 5 minutes)

2)Wall mounts - are they 'up and off' or unscrew (which would be a major problem if it is recessed.

3) Also 250.00 for a wall mount - are they mad?? Can I not get one made up ?? I have lots of engineering companies as clients - this isn't rocket science is it ??

4) what leads should I get installed and ducted - I only want to do this once.

5) Height of Plasma - any recognised standard heights for installing 42 inch plasmas, height from floor?? I am putting on a north facng wall so no direct sunlight - the living room is almost all windows round two sides. so didn't want direct sunlight in the summer during the day.

I have DVD / Sky, plus a TIVO.

Thanks everyone

the mount i have for my toshiba cost £125.00 from www.nexnix.co.uk itsmade by unicoll, part of it goes on the wall the other on the plasma then its hooks on to each other. you need to lift the plasma about an inch higher than the slots then it slides down on it. there are 4 screws that hold it together you need side excess to do these up tight but i dont think there a must its not like its going to be rocking around
hope this helps
oh good - I have an account with unicoll ltd, we mount plasmas all the time at work - but allways onto a surface and never recessed, plus allways VGA, all this TV stuff and recessing is new to me.

i would leave a good 3 inches all round it to allow for air flow too.
good luck
The price of this plasma at Richer is £3999.95, has it just gone up by a £1000 !!!!
Online is 3995.00 - Richer sounds mag that came out yesterday says 2999.95. Went into whop in Sheffield - was told 2999.95, possibly haven't updated web site - thats all

3 inch gap??

it's a hollow wall - 6 inches depth, so why so much - or is this just to be safe???
Bargain, thanks Niccole, might ring them tomorrow, I was waiting until the drop below 3k !!
I too am thinking about putting my new plasma on the wall in a recess, what does everyone else think about leaving a space all the way round the screen for air flow, is it necessary ??
From my experience with large servers I see no reason for leaving a large gap. Heat generated would be dissapated from the back - there would be a large gap behind and around if it was Stud walling - see my pics blow


without plasma stud walling is wall***air***wall

If it was solid bricks there would be no airflow,as it isn't hollow. Bit studwork is hollow so cut a ventilation hole in the plasterboard and put a breather plate in lower down (pref hidden). Unless these plasmas create such a heat it would set fire to plasterboard 1cm away??

Or am I talkign rubbish and have no idea how hot these things get.


Panasonic recommend 300mm of free space at the rear of the panel if you recess it into a wall.

These panels produce plenty of heat and you will require plenty of cool air being pulled in at the bottom of your wall and plenty of 'escape' routes for the hot air produced by the panel.

The whole of the back plane of the panel is a heat sink - your plasterboard wont catch fire; but your plasma will overcook and switch off.

As per jmacks post you have to remember that the standard Unicol mount requires that you 'drop' the plasma onto the lugs on the mount so bear this in mind when designing your 'flush mount' hole in the wall.

Best regards


PS Is The Richer Sounds price incl. or ex. vat?
In answer to your original questions:

1 - Should be no problem but obviously you will have to make sure there are enough joists where you want to mount it.
These plasmas do kick out a fair bit of heat and remember there are no fans so heat has to naturally dissapate - some vent panels should be enough but you may want to just check the temp behind the vent panels when you first use it - the manual is full of all sorts of warnings about things catching fire - probably just Panasonic covering their backs but best to be careful!

2 - The offical Panny flat wall bracket is an up and off type affair - there is about 3cm to go up before it will come off.

3 - I thought it was a bit much too but I figured it would be best to mount several thousand pounds worth of kit on something that was specifically designed for it. Having said that, Unicol mounts are almost certainly just as good, although they are slightly deeper than the standard mount - obviously not an issue if you are recessing.

4 - If you are ducting leads I would recommend installing all possible decent quality leads so you can use whatever you want in future. This would be 1 phono composite, 1 s-video, 1 vga, 5 phono component. I got mine from Lektropacks - they do custom lengths etc.

5 - Just personal preference - personally I mounted mine so the centre of the screen is just above eye level when looking straight ahead on my sofa.
Sorry to but in Guys...

Just had an idea that might help with the possible heat problem created by Flush Mounting in a studded recess.

Cure: Dont stud all the way to the top of the ceiling - leave 15-20cm gap along the entire length, put custom coving on the top of the stud wall and leave the top rung open so that heat can escape. You could even add a low voltage flurescent tube along the length behind the coving for a nice ambient effect.

slight problem the coving may be out of alignment with the rest of your cove (if you have any) otherwise it could be a nice feature.


thanks for all your replies

That price 2999.95 is INCLUDING VAT. See current issue of richer sounds mag - you can call 0845 1 300 200 for acopy


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