42wh36 auto switch ?


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Hi, I just received the set :clap: but I can't find the autoswitch option when I'm on NTL then switch the DVD, I have to manually change the output.
Any idea how to turn it on ?



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The auto switching is controlled Via the Scart lead, not the TV.
The TV will only Auto select the aspect ratio.
If you are useing S-vid mini din plug or component then it will not auto switch.
S-Vid or RGB via Scart to either Socket 1 or 2 will auto switch.


How do you find out if the TV is receiving RGB or composite signal?

I can't find any info about it in the manual and it doesn't say either when i switch inputs....

I just want to know if the TV is set to RGB when i feed it or not?

Hard to know when there is no indication that says RGB on the onscreen menu.
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