42wh18b Or 36zp18p

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by colster, Mar 29, 2002.

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    Mar 29, 2002
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    Okay, so I'm faced with the choice of the following:

    1) Keep my rented Panasonic TXW32R4DP.
    2) Get a Tosh 42WH18B
    3) Get a Tosh 36ZP18P

    *I* watch mainly DVDs (via my Tosh SD-510E), so *I* want the best picture and sound possible. I currently have some surround speakers, so that gives me a little bit of a taste of what true home cinema is all about, but as an avid movie buff, I want the full monty.

    However, my wife likes to watch things like Diagnosis Murder on the hallmark channel on our Sky Digital box. God knows why. But she does.

    Now, my questions:

    a) How susceptable to screen burn is the rear projection Tosh, given that the wife will probably leave it on for hours while she wanders off and does housework etc? *I* don't want to see "Hallmark Channel" imposed on my films, thankyouverymuch.

    b) Which would you recommend? Which gives the best picture overall? Which has best sound reproduction?

    c) My wife is convinced that our 32" Panasonic is "big enough", but doesn't see my point about its geometry being all screwed up. What's the best way to convince her that a new TV is a necessity?

    d) Given the price is quite similar (at least via looking at www.unbeatable.co.uk), which retailer would you recommend?

    Many thanks in advance...
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    As the owner of a Tosh 36Z I would say that it is a fine, good looking set. It has its share of quirks (just do a search here and you'll see) but in my opinion this are easily lived with and do not detract from the enjoyment of day to day viewing.

    Comes down to personal preference although I suspect that the wife will probably prefer the look of the 36Z (if she's anything like mine!)

    You'll eventully get screen burn with both if a logo'd screen is viewed for long enough although the RP TV will be slightly more susceptible. It would have to be an excessive amount of viewing of one channel for this to happen.

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