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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by baldeagle, Nov 25, 2001.

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    Help, can someone please give me an idiots guide to convergance.

    I know how to access, and select 1 - 9 on screen but what next?

    PS It doesnt help much when one is colour blind! but if i only knew what i should be looking for....is it colours or crosshairs or arghhhh!!!!!

    Please somebody out here take pity and help me.
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    Have a look at this thread, title, Toshiba 50 WH18B , started by Gedclink.
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    Here are a few tips to hopefully help you with the user convergence setting (Accessed via the normal menus, with the centre cross and the 9 box’s), rather than the service menu method referred to by RealDeal.UK in the Toshiba 50 WH18B , started by Gedclink

    Once in the convergence screen, you will be able to align the RED and BLUE guns with the green (Which is fixed and can not be adjusted from the user menu)

    The objective is to ensure that there is no colour fringing of either RED or BLUE around the edges of the centre cross or the numbered box’s
    Essentially you should see perfect white box’s/cross with no colour overhang

    If you do see colour fringing, select the correct box using its number / or the cross
    And adjust the colour that is out of alignment by using the RED or BLUE teletext buttons to select the colour to be aligned.

    The use the <> cursor keys on the pad to move the selected colour to minimise the fringing effect
    Repeat for RED and BLUE for each box.

    Once finished press exit to save the settings and leave the menu.

    You may find that altering one point on the screen slightly moves another, so you probably have to visit each box at least twice to get thing spot on. You will also probably need to repeat for each screen mode 4:3, 16:9, Superlive etc

    This should get you into the right ball park,
    However to really get things looking their best, use the service menu convergence, once your feeling confident enough.
    This allows much greater control over up to 64 point on the screen and is optimised for each screen mode

    Hope this helps

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