42PZ80 or 42PZ85?????


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I have both of these reserved until next Friday at JL.

I am off to S&V on Saturday for a demo on these two. I am undecided which one to go for at the moment. Given a tight budget it makes more sense to go for the cheaper PZ80, but I have no amp or surround sound and probably won't until next year.

Will I see or should I say hear any major difference between the two as this is my only major concern.

Is it worth the extra money for the differenece in sound?


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All specifications for both are same except sound system and IFC. I would say there will be no difference in PQ between PZ80 and PZ85 as they have the same panel in use so i hope you are able to make the purchase of PZ80 and not worry too much.


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Can only agree with Audiphile on that.
Get the PZ80, save 100£+ to spend on a sound system, and there you go ;)

Personally I went for the PZ85. IMO it looks better, the BBE sound is better than the PZ80 (seeing as how you have to live with it for a year) and the layout of the HDMI sockets is better.

Despite all of the complaints about IFC I see a slight improvement when using blu-ray. Don't use it for anything else!!

These are just a few thoughts. Obviously make the most of your demo with as many sources as possible and bring along some DVDs that you are familiar with to try. This will help you to decide if the sound is appreciably better in your opinion or not.

On the subject of price, apparently Total Digital in Birmingham (sorry I have no further details) are doing the 42PZ85 for £965.

Good luck with your demo and whichever you choose I doubt you will be disappointed.

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