42PX60 Picture Question


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Hi guys

I have just upgraded from a 37pe30 to a 42PX60 after reading several threads on here about how good it was i went to JL had a look thought yep that’s the one for me and purchased it on the spot.

When the TV arrived I set it up and after about half a day i noticed that the pixels on people faces lag it’s as if I am getting motion blur on there faces.

I never had this on the pe30 I read an article on here about phosphor degradation and how when A plasma is new the cells stake longer to discharge and I thought ok cool I can understand that I will leave it for a while and see what happens

I have now had the set a month the wife was watching the Kylie interview this morning on sky+ and where the studio lights were reflecting of here brow the pixels were having a little party of there own. Her brow was about 2 secs behind the rest of here (Never thought I would be saying that about kylie)

Has anyone see this on there sets of is it just me

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What are your picture settings mate, brightness, contrast, colour, sharpness and colour balance? anything else you have changed?


I have seen a report of such an effect on these forums and if i can remember it was reported there was a fault on the input board of the TV and this was put right

Sorry no more info and i have just had a quick look for the thred with no success



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Hi Guys thanks for replying I apprieciate it.

My settings are as follows

brightness: 25%
Contrast: 25%
Sharpness: 50%
Colour: Warm
Colour Management : off
P-NR: Mid

its v bizzare when you watch the problem it makes you feel sea sick :eek:


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Thanks for the info guys i will igve it a go tonight and see if it makes a difference.
I have noted that it is more noticeable when there are very bright studio lights reflecting off peoples faces.


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i got this to a certain extent on the 3 px60s i have had.

Turn off PNR, also you are being a touch too cautious with your contrast and brightness - 50% is low enough.


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I have my contrast and brightness just above halfway, colour around 50% with warm colour. Sharpness set to 0 though, PNR off and colour management off.

Good luck!


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Hi guys gave it a spin it was somewhat better but not great i am starting to think it may be my skybox i stuck a dvd on lst night and you could see it but only fomr a about 5 ft away sat on the sofa you could not see it.

Alos my contrast and brightness settings anything above abotu 35% and the picture is unbearable its as if the cont and bright settings go into overdrive i used the dve disk to setup it today and the settings came out around 53% ish
when i switched back to tv the picture a aweful leaning towards unwatchable

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