42PWD8 - best price today?


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Jun 27, 2005
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Could folks who are either looking, or have just purchased a 42" PWD8 tell me where they got the best price?
Very keen to order a one, with stand, today.

Thanks y'all!

I ordered a 42PWD8 from http://www.progressive-av.com yesterday. They were very helpful. I paid £1540.00 for the unit, a scart terminal board, stand and a component to RGB cable including next day delivery(today :thumbsup: )
They also had the charcoal models in stock, most other places quoted a 2 week lead time.

Hope this helps.

Thanks horsegun, I did have a chat with liam last week but with my combination of input boards it came to more than that. The component to VGA will save me buying comp. board.
Are you going to do a photo diary of you setting it all up?
It all depends. If the girlfriend comes round tonight then I will not take any photos as she thinks I have a brain disorder as it is spending £1500 on a telly, if she saw me taking photos of it then she would really start to worry!

Hopefully she wont come round tonight but either way I will post how I got on setting it up and first impressions etc..
I could keep her occupied over a few drinks for you if you like... any photos? ;)
:D She is all yours if you can put up with the endless natter about what shoes go with what cushions and hour long discussions on what celebrity has or hasn't put on weight.
wanted the charcoal pwd8 set
which is out of stock at av sales atm
But nexnix had them in stock
Pricematched the av sales offer, pw8 + ped stand
£1300 delivered next day

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