42PWD8 and JS Tech RGB to VGA advice


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Hi, is anyone out there running a panny pwd8 with the js tech rgb to vga converter? If so can anyone vouch for how much better the picture is over standard scart? I plan on using it for sky and dvd.

I have read a lot about the JS converter (all very good comments) but i have also read that the new scart input terminal (which i have) is much better on the 8 series panny than previous models.

I am therefore looking to establish whether its worth another £150 to upgrade to vga over my scart?



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perhaps it would be beneficial to ask [email protected] Technology, e-mail him via his website, why use a converter to connect dvd to plasma?better off connecting dvd direct to plasma if you have component on both items


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I could be way off mark here but my understanding is that you don`t need to use a JS converter on the PWD8 to input via VGA.

You do on the PWD7.

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