42PV500A (Euro Model)


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Looking around at web prices/availability for the 42PV500 and I see the 42VP500A being advertised cheapish and in stock at a lot of places..

Of course this is the Analogue Tuner euro version...

But since I have Sky, will get SKY HD... etc, would this make a better buy, or are we talking grey imports that are not supported?


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You will be using a box top set I assume such as NTL, or Sky right? These will therefore act as your tuners. If you want SKY HD you will definately need there own box regardless of what tuner you have built into the tv.

I didn't know it stood for Analogue tuner, but I presume if it exists as such it just means that you don't have a digital tuner. I know that might sound like I'm stating the obvious, but lots of us out there don't have tvs with built in digital decoder/tuners. thats why I get a box from NTL.

You can still use the tv - bottom line. Is it the right voltage though??

There are more problems for Germans and Irish because the analogue tuners they use require UHF and VHF whereas Uk and rest of Europe is just VHF.

If however you live in an area where you can get Freeview digital signal and you like having just one remote for the telly (or the wife can't get her head around >/=2) then a digital tuner built in is handy, coz you won't have an extra box and you'll only have the one remote. Notice how you often have a remote for the tv and the other remote for changing channels etc.

Anwyay, i'm actually still a bit of a newbie so my info may not be entirely accurate.


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