42PD7200 Service Menu (and Run In)


Anyone have an idea how to access this - tried searching - found nothing specific to the 7200

Also how long have any 7200 users run in the set for - currently I have done 10 days @ 7 hrs a day with the brightness minus seven and contrast minus seven - would love to know when others have begun upping the settings..


I've got a 6600 (1 week old) and after reading through the threads decided to run my screen at 20-25% contrast and brightness (thats 15 and 18 respectively for the 6600, not the same for yours) for the run in period, which, according to a panasonic white paper for plasmas should be up to 1000 hrs. Thats about 5 hrs a day for 6-7 months. I've also taken all the other precautions of not having a static logo on the screen for more than 10 to 15 mins at a time and always using the full screen width and depth, no side bars or top and bottom bars. Always changing the aspect ratio to move the logos around every 10 mins or so. No image retention problems at all to report so far. At 20-25% I find the screen to be at its optimum contrast and brightness anyway and have no intention of increasing them anyway.

Hope this helps put your mind at rest.


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Run in is at least 500 hours IMO.
I reckon I'm on about a 1000 after 3 months :eek:
I ran an Avia/DVE disk after a fortnight, I think.
It allowed me to up the levels, but not overdo them.

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