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42PD7200 1024x1024?? and going to Canada ??

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Officer Dribble, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Officer Dribble

    Officer Dribble

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    I'm seroiusly considering this model but was wondering about the 1024 screen size. Does this mean it won't be 16:9 widescreen and how about playing an Xbox 360 on it. Again does this size mean all res have to be scaled ie 720/480 outputs etc. ?

    Are the blacks on this set really bad ? Would like to hear from someone who has one as to what you think.

    I'm also thinking about emigrating to Canada and want to take the tv with me. Will it work in Canada ? I know the built in tuner won't but what about if I a bought a seperate tuner like a SKY box or equivilent. Will it work with the NTSC signal ?

    And finaly will HDTV be the same around the world ie the output format ?

    Anyway sorry about all the Q's hope someone can enlighten me a little ?


    Officer Dribble

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