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been watching a dvd movie (tomb raider 2) and was noticing that the colours don`t blend together well.. also noticed this on sky aswell, not as much as the the dvd tho..
it happens on say skin tones they look blochy rather than blend together , there was an underwater scene where it was looking up to the sunlight through the water and it wasnt a fading light but more lines of light where it was changing shades (looked terrible :( )
also there seems to be alot of red when theres a grey background example: they move there hand across and it leaves a redish trail!
i tried changing a few setting but it didnt seem to help... at times the picture looked like it was out of a 70`s comic book and not a dvd film. (bad shading in / plasticy skins)
surely this cant be normal plasma PQ?
can someone whos happy with there colour settings for a hitach screen please tell me there settings.
i also ordered dvd video essential to try that..
ps. dvd was a connected via a 3m QED RGB scart lead so was sky... i was swapping the lead between sources..

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posted this below in another thread (42PD5000 I think); you see red :eek: , I see green :rolleyes: ... In the end I'm not that impressed either with the PQ on the PD5200's... :(


Folks, I've spent quite some time yesterday fiddling with a 42PD5200 display setup, trying to get the best picture (for my eyes anyway ;-) out of it. I did this in a well-lit shop (too well?), with the plasma connected to a 668 DVD YUV interlaced playing Gladiator...

In the end, I could get a reasonably good looking picture (vs the rather awful default picture) BUT there's one nasty defect I just couldn't get rid of:

the shades and dark areas do exhibit a green bias, even e.g. on flesh tone... it's as if the picture was lightly sprayed with dark green paint in the dark areas... I paused the movie and tried hard to remove this effect to no avail. VERY annoying! I suppose this is what jprenaux referred to in his several posts. And it will probably stop me from buying this plasma - although I was really up to it!

Unless it could be that specific DVD movie...? <don't think so>

Just FYI, the settings I found work best for me:

Colour temp. : -1
Contrast : 4 (min.)
Brightness: 3
Colour : -6
Definition : 0
Contrast Mode : Auto
CTI : Mid
LTI : Low
YNR : Low
CNR : Low
Black Stretch : Low or Mid (Hi -> you lose all details)
Cinema mode : On

Anyone else sees the same problem?


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thnak m8.
i watched badboys 2 lastnight it was only noticable in a couple of scenes..
i`m hoping a tweak will sort it..
does anyone know if the js technologys rgb2vga will work on this plasma and u reckon that could help?



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i`m sitting here waiting for hitachi to release a miricle cure lol, not likely....
galaxy has the same panel aswell i havent heard him complain.... galaxy if you read this what are your settings?



The picture varies according to the source, obviously, but FWIW my settings for DVD via AV2 (non progressive component) are:

Contrast +31
Brightness +2
Colour -7
Sharpness -15
Hue n/a
Colour Temp Normal
Contrast Mode Normal
Film Mode On
PAL Comb Fil. n/a
Black Enh. Off
Auto Colour n/a

Because there is too much red by default and you can't change the tint via component I changed the colour decoding:

Red +25
Green +33

This was as close as I could get (for now) with the DVE test patterns for colour. The magenta, yellow and cyan are slightly off, but not too bad.

Colours are pretty good 99% of the time, but I have seen a couple of scenes with flesh tones that suffer solarisation.


Sorry matey, today I ripped the bathroom out so only popped in quick before eating dinner and driniing wine with my evening viewing......I did qrite the settings down somewhere...

My screen is the 500E which I thing has different setting data to the 5000 series.......maybe?

contrast +10
brigthness 0
colour -14
sharpness +3

contrast mode...normal
noise redutions all off
film mode ...on
colour temp...cool
black enhancement...low

But of course I am still tweaking .....

best regards David


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and do you have a problem with fleshtones looking like thunderbirds ?


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when i ordered the plasma it was advertised as a 500e as i said in another thread, the day i ordered they changed it on the site to a 42pd5000 and thats what i got but thats not what i ordered... you think they will take it back? only problem is the box is ripped i& wet but it came llike that...
dam i`m getting to the point where i cant even bare to look at the plasma it just makes me bl00dy angry .. £2500 worth of angry


I forgot to mention that I got noise in blacks when using AV1, which is what made me look at the labelling on the inputs a bit more carefully.

I think that AV1 is progressive & AV2 interlaced (they are labelled differently), although it doesn't seem to tell you this in the manual. It does say though that if you are getting noise that you should turn the 'Auto' detection off and use the explicit input selection. Have you tried this?


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Hi All, don't know if this helps but I have a 400E and these are my settings done with Avia.

Contrast 35

Brightness +3

Colour +2

Tint -10

Sharpness +3

All other settings were as defalt.



Thunderbirds? and whats wrong with Thunderbirds?

Yet again it seems to all hinge on programme broadcast quality, yes I do get colour banding of smooth tones, these usually are noticed on flesh tones when panning across faces, but only on certain programmes, I have never seen colour banding on DVD content or Sky Movies channels, all these have more bandwidth of course, usually its the "everyday" programmes that exhibit the problem ie. nieghbours/eastenders/sitcoms and on the "lesser" sat channels to, Bravo, Travel etc.

I think its just the Plasma technology shows up the crap compression quality on these channels.

Best regards David


Logix, what scene did you get the problems in on TR2?

I would like to look at my copy and check...

Best regards David


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Logix, what DVD player are you using? I ask because I used to see banding from my older player on every TV set. I now use a Tosh 510 using component output into AV2.

If I sit close, say <4 feet from the screen then I can see banding on some material, but not at normal viewing distance, say ~8ft and certain sources give me much stonger banding as well, especially poor quality stuff. Most modern films look anything between fine and incredible, but older TV material like the Star Trek:TNG DVDs look pretty bad, although they are not great on any TV. I played with the Digital Video Essentials disc and got some much better results than the default settings.

I know the 'red trails' effect you have seen. A few of my discs displayed this problem, but I seem to have tweaked it out. I think the CNR/YNR,LTI/CTI settings are culprits here. I have turn off almost all the image processing options. I also changed the colour decoding settings - I think mine are pretty similar to Amos, but will check later - due to the stong red bias in the images. I have no idea why peezee saw a green bias - could be the colour temperature setting, or perhaps the grey level was badly calibrated on that screen. Ambient lighting is a factor in colour perception, so maybe the shop lights were giving a green cast to the greys?

I will post my settings later.


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galaxy it was a scene near the start when they are swimming around underwater and u see the light going in to the water when the camera is looking up (night time)
the wierd thanks m8 i look forwar dto trying your settings..
my dvd player is a sony DVPNS 330 only around £100
i`ll get a pioneer player soon...
what is your sky image like??
mine last night set its self to composit even tho i have it hooked up in av4 rgb... then it flicked back to rgb scart .. wierd


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OK here are my settings for DVD using component through AV2:

Picture: Normal
Contrast: +10 (I sometimes give this a bit more if the movie is quite dark, maybe up to +20)
Brightness: +2
Colour: +3
Sharpness: -15
Hue: +8
Col Temp: Normal
Contrast Mode: Auto
YNR: High
CNR: Low
Film Mode: Off
PAL Comb: Off
LTI: Off
Black Enhance: Off
Auto Colour: Off

Colour Decoding:

Red +22
Green +35
Colour +3
Hue +8

For Sky using RGB SCART on AV4, settings are the same, but contrast is way down at -10. I think the Sky picture is excellent, no complaints there at all.


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hi m8, tried the setting and i still have poor PQ.
mebbe ever so slightly better...
cant set HUE or pal comb tho as i`m running it through av4 scart rgb at the mo, via qed cables


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thanks guys

im going to give these a try on my new 5200

My current settings (which dont look too bad) are everything set at -15 :0 - which seems loads different from what you have

also no matter what I have tried yet all faces look patchy and too enhanced - very blocky and watercolry in style - any ideas why

my set has yet to have 20hrs use - will this make a dif

just one q - i thought we need to keep contrast down on plasma


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Managed to get an almost perfect DVD picture now - connected to AV1 via a Toshiba 510 DVD Player

Using Avia I ran two of the colour tests there

Firstly the standard colour bars and set Hue and Colour until the squares stopped flashing. This resulted in Colour -10 and Hue +8

I then went to the screen with the colour steps for reg, green and blue and spent about ten minutes "fiddling" with Colour Decoding and Colour Management - it was obvious from here that the Hitachi does have its red settings set WAY too high and green is also slightly off. Adjusting the figures here seemeed to make a HUGE difference

Ran an Episode of Firefly, which has lots of warm red scenes and dark scenes. It was much, much better. No more bleeding or blooming on any of the faces. Dark indoor scenes still have a tiny amount of blocking or smearing on them, only noticable if you look hard but all other scenes are really very nice.

I think one of the big problems with the set are the noise reduction and similar settings. I personally have no idea what they are supposed to do, but I assume that one of them is the reason for the slight blocking. Im sure if I could find the correct combination then I would be fine.

One other thing I have noticed is also something I find a little strange. The picture (DVD player connected via component to AV1) seems more "enhanced" and "blocky" with progressive scan on rather than it being off.

How is everyone else getting on. Would be interesting to see what settings the magazines used when reviewing the set


How do you adjust the reds and greens? Is it do'able on the PD5300 too?

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