42pd3000 & switching to pc input


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Any of you peeps know if you can switch (from the remote) direct to the pc input. At the moment I have my sky+ into AV2 if I want to switch to my PC on PC input, I have step through AV3, AV4, front then PC, I just want to go straight to PC.
I have a pronto and could set up a macro if I really wanted to, but thats not the idea solution.

Any clues anyone?


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According to the instruction manual, it looks like you can assign an 'unused' channel number to your PC input, and then just select that number on your remote?



Does anyone know of any Discrete IR codes for the 42PD3000. I would be interested in this.


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Originally posted by morphman
Discrete IR codes for the 42PD3000

I'm on the lookout for 42PD3000 discrete codes too, so if anyone finds them, I would be eternally grateful.

These will be for my Pronto RU950. Have been keeping an eye on this at www.remotecentral.com, but so far we only have discrete codes for 'on' and 'off'.


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I set up channel 0 as my pc input.

This can eaily be accesed via a pronto by using the 0 button, or why not use a PC icon from windows XP?

What other discrete codes are you after?

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