42PD3000 and PWT001 Bracket


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Jan 7, 2004
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I am going to wall mount my 42PD3000 onto a PWT001 bracket this weekend.

The instructions for the PWT001 bracket say that to remove the original stand that comes attached to the television, you have to lay it on it's front and remove the stand.

However the original packing box for the television (and the guy that delivered it from John Lewis) says that the television must be kept upright and not laid flat.

Can anyone tell me if it is OK to lay the television flat?

I don't see why you would need to lay the panel flat at all.

When I had my 42PD3000 installed on the wall, we left the panel on it's stand until the bracket was up and then simply lifted the panel of its stand and on to the bracket - all the while the panel remained vertical.


As Johndon says you can leave the plasma on it's table stand, however, you have to remove the screws that hold the table stand onto the plasma before you fit the wall-hanging bars on the back.

The bars get in the way of the stand screws, and once the bars are attached, you won't be able to remove the stand screws.
Not a lot of help really!

Could anyone recommend the way to do it then?
Originally posted by Vinny74
Not a lot of help really!

Could anyone recommend the way to do it then?

1. Fit the backplate from the wall bracket to the wall.
2. Leave your plasma on it's table stand, but remove the stand screws.
3. Fit the bracket bars to the back of the plasma.
4. Lift the plasma in the air. The stand will be left behind, and you can now hook the plasma bars to the backplate.
5. Fix the screws at the base of the wall bars to secure.

It's really very straighforward

Dont forget to use the pointed end of the screwdriver as well ;)
Thanks for the advice - but I was planning on nailing it up
Yes please, or maybe there is somewhere that I can download an instructional video from?
I know its generally not advisable but the instructions tell you to lay it on its front. I had a table near the bracket which I had fixed on the wall. Placed thick blanket, quilt etc on table. Got Mrs Polly to help me lift Hitachi onto table face down, ...very gently. Removed screws and stand, Mrs Polly helped plasma onto wall. She is not strong but its an easy job for 2 peeps.You are not sposed to lat it flat but the instructions say lay it flat! Crazy!
The AV expert :rolleyes: in my local Currys told me last week that plasmas always have to be kept upright or they will fail within days. He said he was aware of at least two plasmas which, as far as he was concerned, had failed for that reason.

So just to be on the safe side, I'd avoid laying it flat.


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