42PC1DA Problems. Please help

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Steve-O 2007, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Just received my new 42PC1DA Plasma. Plugged it in and it Auto tunned itself in BUT it only auto tuned the Digital TV in, No Analouge channels... We also are getting no sound from the speakers. Tried muting it, tried volume up / down, tried turning speakers on and off, connecting the tv to my amp via the audio out connects and still no sound. Also Connected Scart devices eg Sky Digital and DVD Player to AV1 and AV2 and set TV to AV1 and AV2 but it just said NO SIGNAL. Xbox360 ran great but again, No sound.

    So to sum it all up we have -

    No analouge tv channels
    No Sound
    No Signal or Sound via Scart
    No sound via Component
    No sound via Audio out to Amp

    Am I doing something wrong or is the TV ready to be packed away and taken back?


    Oh yea, the Picture quality is Excellent via the Built in Free view and the 360 in HD but its no good just having a brilliant image with no sound ;)

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