42PA20 or 42PW6B+TUPTA600B


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Dec 16, 2002
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Hi All,

I have been looking at various options regarding plasma. I have no simple way to have freeview/sky to be directly connected to the plasma as my sky box(s) are used elsewhere within the house. I have an RF feed loop through so I can watch Sky and boosted to my current CRT which provides a decent picture. Therefore the best bet seems to be to go for a plasma with built in RF tuner (unless anyone suggest a better idea). I have noticed that either of these panasonics seem to solve this problem but which is the best solution? I know the 6B doesn't have speakers which is fine as I have a surround system (though they are a bonus for watching normal terestial TV). The primary use will be DVD, Consoles and TV (10 percent say mainly used as background comfort viewing :))

Is there any major difference between the 2 I have missed or are they pretty much both the same?

Are there any problems with using progressive scan NTSC & PAL through the media box or direct through component on the PA20

Are there problems wall mounting the PA20 - I don't know where the scart connectors are (e.g downward facing or out the back)

Has anyone got the URL for a manual for the PA20 as the only one I've found on the web is for a US set. I'm mainly looking for pictures/details of the back of the display.

If you're wall mounting it's easier to have the separate tuner since the scarts face out of the back, not down.

Picture quality is the same between the two models once the tuner is added to the PW6. However, picture quality from RF is aboslute poo. I heavily advise moving the Sky box into the room with the plasma and running RF out to everything else in the house. And once you've done that you may not need a tuner either, in which case get the monitor without tuner for better picture quality still...
I'll second that in it's entirety. The picture on a plasma with sky rf is unwatchable. I had a client who made me do it, I took huge satisfaction in saying 'I told you so' Still, it made a whole bunch more work for me, the technicial, the builder, the plasterer, we all had a great time and the extra bill was nearly a grand!

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