42" TV choice for PC/PS3 gaming


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First of all I am sorry about bad english.

I will mainly play PC(browsing and bluray movies, some online games) and PS3. I wont view any SD or channels. I don't really need 3D. Dont like it. So what suggestions?

My were Panasonic U30 or UT30(not because of 3D, because of USB and ethernet). But I am highly concerned about IR, because all games on PS3 have HUD that is always active.

Any other variants?

Thnx n advance for helping.


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Can't say about those particular sets (although I am looking at the U30, too), but we have a Panasonic plasma (about 2 years old) which has a PS3 plugged into it. We've also got kids, so it can spend a lot of time either with a logo in one corner or with the picture paused.

Occasionally and only from the PS3, I've seen a bit of image retention, but only if I've been playing for a while and then turn the PS3 off, causing a black screen (no aerial, so it doesn't default to TV). If I then put a TV picture through it, I can't see the image and it's never there when I've turned it back on. I'm not sure it's that big an issue for the big manufacturers anymore, but it would be worth burning in, by following suggestions you'll find on here.


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Looking forward to ST30. Because of filter and neoplasma. Don't need THX and IFC in GT30 anyway. And as I can see there is no other choice for gaming with such picture quality. Too bad can't buy KURO. But what with connection to PC? Some TVs that I know had problems with resolution and other. No probs on panasonic?

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