42" Plasma stuck on choice


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KjK said:
Anyone have any of these 2 TV or recommend if one is better than the other.

Samsung pS42Q7HD



Any help kindly appreciated
You should try LG 42PC1D:

Is newer then PX5D and with clear filter and 2 HDMI.

LG 42PC1RR-which is the same TV but with built in HDD PVR is the "EUROPEAN PLASMA TV 2006-2004" EISA Award



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Cheers thx m8 will look into those.

I did see the LG 42PC1D at the shop near the pS42Q7HD & didn't notice any difference in pic quality, but the PS42Q7 was a much better looking alround TV


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Hi KjK, I have the Samsung PS42Q7HD and love it, although its my first plasma tv so cant really say i have much experience of others. It does look impressive and performs well for me !! Am looking to connect an AV amp to really boost the sound quality (I need more bass, my last CRT had a huge sub built in) Cheers and happy choosing :thumbsup:


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Hi KjK,

I bought a PS42Q7HD on Tuesday and I'm really happy with it. I bought it locally - was approx £100 more than what I could have got over the internet, but if anything should go wrong I won't have to worry about postage etc. The other good thing about buying locally - I had the TV in my house 30 minutes after handing over my credit card! Woohoo!

The picture is surprisingly good with freeview. I'm using a really cheapy Goodmans DVD player at the moment via Scart and the picture is like wow. Im waiting for a HD-860 dvd player to arrive and that can only improve things.

This is my first plasma. I have been reading and researching both LCD and Plasma for the past year. The one thing I noticed is that the technology is moving so fast that there is no way I was going to keep up with it, so I decided that it was best not to spend a complete fortune on a telly that would be out of date in a couple of years (or in 6 months time).

This TV is more that what I need. I know that the picture may not be as good as the latest Pioneer's or Panasonics but its a lot cheaper - the Pioneer would have cost me approx £800 - £1000 extra. Too much money for the slight improvement in picture quality. The Panasonic being silver would just look awful in my living room (the design of the TV matters almost as much as the PQ)

The PQ on the PS42Q7HD is MUCH MUCH better than any LCD screens i've seen. I have looked at various LCD panels from Sony, Panasonic and Samsung and they all have one thing in common - Standard Def pictures look really bad on these screens.

I'm now in the process of trying to run this thing in - I'm not really sure what settings to use. I've just reduced the contrast, brightness etc to 50% for the moment. If anyone has any suggestions as to what settings I should use I would be dead keen to hear them.

If you are interested you can see a few quick photo's here...




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Cheers thx for the info guys, nice pics too.

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