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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Astraeus, Nov 9, 2004.

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    As Christmas rolls by and the marketing community continues to alert us to an ever-decreasing number of 'shopping days', my thoughts have turned to presents. This year, the family has decided on a 'community Christmas' where we fix together and buy something for the house. It didn't take much deliberation before a unanimous decision landed upon a new television. Our current 28" CRT Panasonic is badly outdated and much the worse for wear. It's day went many years ago but we've never got around to the new television set...until now.

    I joined this forum a while ago and have kept (reasonably) up to date with posts and guidelines on what are the good screens to buy. With that, I know that there are Panasonic screens which suit my criteria very well but I just want to check that they are the best option - 'tis a big deal, spending £1,500 or whatever this may turn out to cost. Anyhow, onto the technicalities now, here's my specification - please bear in mind I'm useless at details and understanding:

    • 42" Plasma, or similar sized
    • connections for DVD, VHS and PS2 simultaneously
    • in-built TV tuner (preferable, can buy a second if it's cheap)
    • connections for 5.1/6.1 surround sound (updating that too)

    Please throw ideas at me and I'll fumble through the electronic pile of data in order to find the best option for us. Really, I don't mind being overloaded - it's all useful in the end. If anyone can tell me what cables I'll need too, that'd be greatly appreciated. I'll probably add to the criteria too...

    Many thanks in advance,


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