42" Plasma - Budget £800 - Help req :)


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Hi all,

I am looking to get a plasma in the next few months.
The biggest set I could fit would be a 42"
No I know reading these forums that a lot of it is way over my head!
So I'll keep it simple like my set up :)

I have a sky+ box, DVD and a 360 for inputs
I would look to get a HD DVD player later on.

So for the budget of £800 what would u guys reccomend ?
I wouldnt really notice much diff bewteen 720 and 1080 ( would i? ), the wife wouldn't ! its mainly to play 360 on HD and watch movies, but I dont want to get a worse pic on SD than my current 32 " CRT Panny.

My possible wants

Optical out
USB for AVI movies ?

No stand needed.

Cheers for your thoughts.



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At £800 you don't have a budget that will let you worry about 1080p anyway :)

In that price range the PX70 is an obvious option and is a good alround set. Other folks here also like what Samsung and LG have to offer, they tend to be fairly inexpensive but their handling of SD is questionable, given what I've read here their strengths come into play when the source is a high def one. Of course outside of budget is the Pioneer offering which is reportedly very deft at handling the SD transmissions but that comes in at almost double your budget.


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i am still pinching myself at how good my PX70 is which was under £800 including delivery and pedestal. SD quality is good and i run my MCE box output at 1080 (with an Nvidia custom res tweak) and let the px70 sort out the scaling. this seems to provide the best picture for my setup. awesome for the money.


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Picked up my Panasonic TH-42PX70 on Saturday only to return it to Richer Sounds (899.95 inc. warranty) the following day, it broke! Wouldn't switch on, the power led just blinked 10 times after giving 4 clicking noises. Posted this in another thread but no one replied so guessing no one else has experienced it!

HOWEVER, in the few hours I did have it, I put it through its paces. SD stuff looked ok, nothing great but then didn't expect wonders. Hooked it up to the PC through DVI > HMDI cable, high def stuff looked very good, really clean and colours were excellent. So far so good. Tested my 360 via VGA and the picture was so grainy, I thought the TV was faulty (which it may well have been). There was quite a bit of noise, which was more noticeable when watching an HD-DVD (especially 300 due to the dull colour palette in the movie), less noticeable when gaming. Maybe these faults were due to not giving the TV 100 hours run in, I'm not sure. Despite these faults, the black levels were truly amazing, giving scenes that extra bit of dimension.

Now in the process of ordering a Samsung PS42Q97HDX!


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Thanks for the heads up chaps.

Yeah, the Panasonic TH42PX70 looks to be the right model, and as mentioned Im not a purist, nor can I afford to be!! hehe
Ive been told that with £60 on VGA, Sky on Scart and DVD on Scart leaving both HDMI slots leaves me free for future upgrade. Or get an upscaling DVD player to run on HDMI. So thats good for later on as well.

the alternative is to get a HD projector with screen for the money, but with set up and put down times, wiers everywhere , i feel the 42" will suffice!

Time to sell it to the mrs!


mind you there was that Aldi 47" for 899!!

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