42" Panasonic plasma mount for Bay window?


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I think I need a cantilever bracket to be able to mount the screen in a bay window, to give the illusion the unit is 'floating' in the bay, the wall is curved and I dont want it too low, so was thinking of maybe the M-form corner bracket (Model No. MF-3252CRB ), as I'm having a hard time trying to find anything suitable, would this work, has anyone used this bracket? or tried to acheive a similar effect in a bay?


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how high do you want the screen (more than 1m-1.2m from bottom of screen to floor is probably too high....) YOu could pole mount fromt he top of the bay (may look a bit odd) or have a cantilever stand from the bottom.


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The corner bracket would work very well if the wall is curved. Most cantilever brackets have a flat wall plate but the corner bracket has two independent arms which you can mount in a variety of locations, even if they're not symetrical.

If you can give me a plan or some basic measurements of the bay then I can lay out the setup for you using this bracket and your preferred TV.

Hope this helps



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Been away from the PC this week, so sorry I've not replied earlier, not had time to take any pictures, but basic plan is this,

wall mount.jpg

The height is to the lower of the Vesa mounts on the stand its currently on, I'd prefer not to go TOO much lower than that but am open to suggestions.The other measurement is the highest point any part of the mount could come on the bay window dwarf wall.
The model no is Panasonic TH42PZ82BA.
Thanks all for your help so far, and what is the retail of the stand you linked Brummie?
Thanks Jono.


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hopefully this will help you visualize what I'm after, hopefully have the TV somewhere near that height, and give the impression of it floating in the bay window, all the A/V kit will go into the garage (and the cabinet/unit will go) and be controlled by I/R in a rack , probably using the Global kit and Sky powered, the 66 studio monitors will make way for something smaller and wall mounted, and make the front much look much bigger.
Dimensions as above, please post up if you require any more info, thanks.

I can only suggest that you source a TV stand / trolley with a small base and no shelves.

You could put two vertcial struts in the bay window and mount a cantilver bracket to them.

Float from the ceiling.

Four: await more suitable suggestions if any.




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I had thought of option two, but need to know how the measurements add up, IE, the center point / highest point of the wall mount with the top of the bracket on the back of the set at its highest position?

Or option 4,
but thanks, would any of your mounts give me the height |I'm lookikng for assuming option 2?

And M-formonline would the bracket you supply work in the height aspect i requires?
cheers jono.


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could you possibly give me the measurement from the top of the mount that is attached to the wall, and the highest position of the tv side of the bracket for the top VESA mounting hole so i can check on positioning?

Sorry to be a bother, but I need to know as i don't want the tv to be on the floor! Cheers.



Thanks again, Jono.

If you want the floating effect then our pro extendable bracket would be best suited than the non pro version.

PRO Tilting Cantilever TV Bracket Extendable Arm System

However as the bay window is curved it would be awkward to fit.

The non pro version if you were to use would need a good wall construction/condition and also the need to use some glue/resin in the drill holes, and use all the fixing points.

As for dimensions nearly all brackets when fitted will mean the center of the bracket is where the center of the TV is.

For your install the mform corner bracket looks like it would fit the best into your bay window, although it might not hang out as much as you would like.

Please repost any further questions as between us and the big world of avforums were find a suitable solution


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