42" or 50" tv to accommodate chimney breast


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So I want to replace my LG 42PQ6000 plasma. After researching it would appear I need to ho at least 55" to even begin getting some of the new tech etc however the only 55" tv that will just sit flush with the sides of the chimney is the 55Q95T and my partner will not stomach a 55" we actually swapped our old 50" plasma with my folks for a 42" because it strained my eyes. But would like to go back to 50" lol.

Anyhow options are.

42" any sony or Samsung highest spec
42" samsung the frame

50" samsung the frame
50" Samsung Q80/5T

My partner loves the no gap wall mount and although I know the frame tv is not as advanced my understanding is, it is still a fairly decent set. And aesthetics is still fairly important. If it wasnt for the chimney width the Q95T would be a shoe in.

Thx for any advice


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You really should read into the excellent guides, My observation is that TV is way to high. No wonder you ended up with eye strain.


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Yes new Tv going to lowered somewhat is the plan, its actually not a bad height never had any neck issues etc, and eye strain with the 42" non existant, guess just a personal thing!

Thanks for the advice regarding guides but tv will be upgraded come what may, although my beloved plasma will find a new home in the bedroom!


Beware if you go with Samsung models less than 55" you get worse specifications. 60hz instead of 120hz is one, on the Q85T, there's also no anti glare/wide viewing angle filter. That gets even worse at smaller sizes than 49", so I'd avoid smaller than that like the plague.

I'd consider a 48" OLED like the LG CX. You'd want to wait until Black Friday or later to buy though unless you are happy over-paying. That goes for any 2020 model, prices are currently too high.

LG also do a GX and WX model. The GX is a slim mount TV like the Samsung's and the WX has all the connections in the soundbar, so setup is similar to the Samsung TVs with the one connect box. You could place the WX's soundbar on your table beneath the TV.

As with everything, with style comes cost. So if you go for a TV like the GX, WX they you have to pay a lot to do so. Same is true for the 'Frame' Samsung models, only difference with those is you pay a lot for what is an average TV. I'd avoid the Frame at all costs if you want any kind of future proofing with a TV.


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Yup thanks, definitely going to wait until at least black friday or later!

CX would be perfect but would and its a shameful reason do not like the side view of it when wall mounted.

The other OLED's are either to big (55") or to much money wise!

It is very annoying this whole everything starts to get better at 55" baring the CX!

My favorite at the moment is the 50Q85T, the wife likes the frame, guess I'll track prices on these models and the CX see what happens!


It is very annoying this whole everything starts to get better at 55" baring the CX!
And before this year the 48" OLEDs didn't even exist yet. So choices were worse.
My favorite at the moment is the 50Q85T, the wife likes the frame, guess I'll track prices on these models and the CX see what happens!
Probably better getting the 49Q80T if you are going with Samsung. At 49" the TVs are more or less the same, but use a different panel.

Have you considered Sony? They don't trim their panel hz at 49"/50" like Samsung do. The 2019 49XG9005 was a popular TV and is still available to buy, sometimes they appear on their refurb store cheaper, see: Bargain - Sony centre direct refurbished store thread

Because of the overpriced nature of 2020 models, you won't get close to that in value for money..even come Black Friday. Yes its not as clean looking as the Samsung models, but its a better overall TV.

Same is true for the new Sony 49XH9505, but as its a 2020 model, its more expensive.

Sony also do the A9 OLED at 48" but it will be expensive, if you like the look of that more than the CX, you could wait for its price to come down.

This is an enthusiast forum, and most people value picture quality above all else. I therefore suggest not disregarding a TV based on looks when its clearly not as good as an option as others. I often recommend Samsung models at larger sizes, but can't justify it when they give the same smaller TVs worse specs.


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Hi thought I should post an update following my previous post! As it's nice to see end results/decisions.

Pre-black Friday I had some amazing deals and opportunities regarding a new tv, one was a 55" LG BX for just £800 from very, i had a 20% off voucher, but I passed on this, typed in my card details and all (mad I know) not quite ready for 55 or OLED, maybe next time.

There are a lot of new technologies coming out in the next 5 years regarding micro LED and most likely OLED will advance further, in 5 years time my newest arrival will be in school and I can recommence my gaming pleasures (babies and gaming do not go, unless the wife likes you disappearing for hours on end)

Anyway I used the very voucher to purchase a Sonos Beam for £240.00 it was on offer BF for £300, for £240 I am very happy with it, its a bargin and very good and for my room size perfect, clear and not over bearing. At some point I intend to add some ikea Sonos Synfonisk rears (they are basically Sonos 1's but cheaper)

Next I purchased a Samsung 'the Frame' 50" model exclusive to John Lewis for £800, this TV orginally retailing for £1200 early on in it's release.

NOW I know I will get some stick for this as this is a a dedicated audio visual forum but for me keeping the other half happy as well is also important and it is her living room also.

The TV is I would say better than my previous Plasma, excluding the motion handling, I have now gotten used to the LCD and don't notice the juddering etc but must say when I first fired up the TV I was very worried! Also what is with the 'motion clarity' setting the picture looks pin sharpe but the whole experience is just very very strange - film mode, filmmaker mode or all settings off brings it back to what I'm used to. I must say the contrast and black levels on this TV are very very good, it's an edge lit tv and Im renowned at work for my good eye sight and I cannot see any real issues, maybe some screen uniformity issues, minor edge bleed but I think you have to really be looking for it to see it, sit back and relax and theres no impact whatsoever on the experience!

Feel for my next TV I will push to 55" for that more immersive experience but for now in terms of aesthetics and performance I am very happy with the TV, watched Mulan last night and it was fantastic - compared to my previous set-up anyhow.

Thanks all, hope you all bag some bargins in the coming months.

P.S I should of got the LG BX 55 🤦‍♂️😂


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Some more photos of the install.


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