42" or 50" Pioneer/Panasonic



Can somebody help me with the following choices?

I use to have a 50" rear projection TV and after seeing my friends and brothers 42" plasmas I am wondering whether or not I would like a 42" after having the 50" rear projection.

I have been looking at both the Pioneers and the Panasonics 42" and 50" but need help as to which one is better (I.E Is the 42" pan better than the Pio and/or the 50" Pio is better than the 42" Pan)

I know the prices are expenisive for 50" and will probably opt to pay over monthly payments (not 36 months and get charged a fortune but the 9mnths option)

Also I am very much interested in the HD option (brother has a HD camcorder and does alot of DVD editing) so would like the best choice for HD as well...

As you can see I am confused as to what plasma to buy and would like some guidance

Thank you :(


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I went from a 50" to the Pio 43" and didn't notice any difference. Before I bought the 43" I did worry about it though..


How far from the screen are you? I 'm 9ft away and my 43" Pioneer is plenty big enough.

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