42" or 50" ? Is 50" too big for my lounge?


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I am ready to buy either the Sony KDFE42A12 or KDFE50A12 rear projection sets. There may well be better sets available for the money, but as a die hard Sony fan, I'm limiting my choice to these.

The question is which - 42" or 50"? The difference in price is not important, as we're talking only £100 - £190 difference between the two.

One half of me says buy the 50" - "biggest bang for the buck", "if you get the 42", you wished you'd got the bigger version". Even the wife agrees with these statements.

The other half of me thinks that maybe 50" is just too big and possibly vulgar. Also, the bigger it gets, the more I'll notice artifacts or any other picture shortcomings.

I currently have a 32" Sony CRT Wide screen, which is in the corner of the lounge. The new 42" or 50" will take the same place. It was interesting to note that, even the 50" would not protrude any further forward than the current 32" set, because of it's slim depth.

My wife currently sits about 8ft away and I sit about 11ft away from the screen. No jokes about me not getting on with the Mrs - we just like our own sofas!

Any advice on which to go for would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a 50'' Plasma not rear projection and trust me, 50'' doesn't look big after a few weeks.
Vulgarity doesn't come into the home cinema experience. Just get what you know you want. You said it yourself, "biggest bang for the buck" , don't and you'll be forever looking at the screen wondering what if?


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45" is good no clother than 2.5 meters. otherwise you see too much artefacts. Go figure it out. for HDTV 2 meters is still OK with 45"


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I sit around 10ft from the screen and currently have a 46" Toshiba CRT.

I will definately be going bigger next.

I've been looking at the Sony myself but was a little dissapointed with the amount of artefacts on Sky and Freeview pictures.

I'm going back to demo it again at the Sony shop and I'll play with the settings a bit more.

I would be interested in your findings if you demo it. Try a music channel on it as these are usually low bit-rate with fast moving pictures.



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Has to be 50", my sammy looks a lot smaller than 50" now that its been sitting in my lounge for a rew months !! :rotfl:


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go for the 50" cause if you buy the 42" after a while you would have wished you got a bigger screen,also the 50" comes with stand and i work in a sony centre the set is not that big its all screen so its not to ugly :thumbsup:

Majid Khan

Guys, does anyone know how long the lamp lasts in these new Sony grand wega 3LCD rear pro sets ?

I remember reading a while ago that the previous Grand Wega range had lamps which lasted on average a year to 18 months , depending on viewing.

Would these new sets be an improvement in terms of lamp life?

also, what is the cost of one of these lamps ?


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No idea of the cost but Sony salesman said they are quoting 30000 hours for the bulb which is ten years at 8 hours a day.



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Thanks for the responses so far.

When I looked today, I noticed a few artefacts on Freeview - but Analogue was OK. Maybe my signal will be better.

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