42" or 46" pz85 from 9/10 feet?


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moving to house with a 12x12 lounge (from one with 35x20...groan)

thinking the 42 will be asthetically better AND SD from say 10 feet will look beter on a 42 than the 46? majority will be sd (ocassional ps3 bluray) viewing
from sky sd then hd eventually.

46 is what heart says but sensibly (and i do have a projector which will give a 94" picture at this distance if i buy a screen for it) a 42 may be better for a room this size? and use the pj for the big screen experience???


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Go for the 46".
My wife is buying me a new TV for my 40th this summer and refuses to even look at 42" because she knows that I will want a bigger screen after a couple of months(just like I did when I upgraded from 32" to 37")
After talking to the salesman in our local Panasonic shop, he said that they get loads of people wishing they had bought bigger but never anyone saying they bought a TV that was too big.
Looks like I will have to listen to my wife then and go for a 46PZ80:rolleyes:

My viewing distance is also between 9 and 10 feet.

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