42" LCD's

Time for a change of TV...

My 5 year old 42" plasma is no-more due to a water leak above it and my insurance company have kindly given me £900 worth of (
insert high street electrical retailer here
) vouchers to replace it.

Now this particular store currently has an offer of a half price blu-ray player with all 1080p TV's which I find quite attractive but I'm not convinced that LCD is going to cut the mustard for me as I dont use it to play games on at all. Its for movies, footy and sky+ (soon to be HD)

For the £900 I could get a full hd LCD and a blu-ray player but if I wanted to go plasma again I would obviously be sacrificing 1080p for 720p and the half price blu-ray player. I've looked in-store and even the most expensive LCD's SD pic quality looks parp to me compared to the cheapest HD ready plasma. I'm aware of the differences in the technologies and am just looking for a bit of advice here.

Any 42" LCD owners in here? Opinions? Can I live with 720p plasma at a veiwing distance of about 7 feet?

Any help appreciated..

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