42 inch 'No Nonsense' Plasma?

Sandor Krasna

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Hi all

Haven't bought a tele in aaages. I've always had good experience with Panny displays, but it seems like all their new models are either 720, 3D, or both!

I work in TV post production and value picture quality above all else. I do not want any 3D rubbish, no interpolated frames (100Hz Smooth Motion blah blah), don't care about built-in speakers; iPlayer would be nice but not essential.

I want... you know, a monitor. I'll be watching mostly Criterion Blu Rays and football (Freeview HD).

It must have:-

- 1080p display
- True 24p and 25p playback
- Plasma (LCDs are sloooow)
- Freeview HD built in

What I do appreciate is:-

- Full (or near as) Rec.709 gamut
- Full set of calibration tools with fine tuning (ie individual RGB sliders; genuine white balance control, not just 'natural/cool/warm/warm2' etc.)
- Good SD performance
- Good motion presentation (low lag, resistant to ghosting, a 'fast' display)

Obviously, cheap durable well-built etc. would also be nice.

What would you knowledgeable folk recommend? Does anyone make the plasma TV I have in mind anymore? I have a feeling that the Panny G30 is what I want, only I'm about a year too late (quick search on t'internet throws up only ex-display and used examples and I'm not keen on inheriting a contrast-maxed, burnt-in display!) Should I just accept that manufacturers always include fancy useless features nowadays and that lower-cost, IQ-orientated models aren't commercially viable?

Thanks in advance for the advice. I like to think I'm not the only one who appreciates a TV with good image quality but none of the mod-cons.


PS I don't mean to be rude to peeps who enjoy 3D etc.. I'd imagine members who work in audio get equally annoyed with Beats headphones :) eugh.


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There is no 1080p 2D plasma in 42"...that ship has sailed

The 42GT50 is £750 from John Lewis, a very good price - you say cheap which could mean anything. You don't have to use the 3D...you'd now need to buy the glasses anyhow as the Panasonic promo ended yesterday

Review in the review section...or you could trawl the classifieds for that 42G30

Sandor Krasna

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Hi Vickster

Thanks for your input. Yeah I suspected as much - TV tech/TV marketing has moved on.

£750 is a little on the upper range of my budget. Sorry, I should've specified my budget; I guess £600 or less would be nice. What about LG or Samsung? As long as the 2D picture is solid, I suppose I can ignore the 3D waffle.


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No 42" 1080p plasmas from anyone other than Panasonic. If you are ok with HD ready, then all 3 makes are open and probably for £400

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