42" 100HZ Rear Projection problems



I have recently purchased a 42" Samsung Rear Projection TV (SP-42W5HF) but I am having big trouble with the set.

I tried watching a saturday morning program on TV where there was scrolling text across the bottom of the screen however I was unable to make out any of the names or telephone numbers scrolling across the bottom.

I have also noticed when I am playing dvd's through scart socket 1 on the TV with JVC Gold Connector that the picture is really blocky.

Has anyone managed to setup their Rear projectors correctly so they can view the tv or dvd correctly.


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The 'horizontal scrolling text problem' is a side effect with the 100Hz processing. It does this on my Tosh RP so your TV's ok. It's annoying but you'll learn to live with it.

As regards your 'scart problem'...

Are you using RGB? (a MUST for RPs)

Have you tried a better quality lead like one from QED or IXOS.

I recently upgraded to IXOS leads and it DOES make a difference in terms of pic quality.



I have a Samsung 42" RP TV and generally speaking I'm delighted with it.

I feed it with RGB from Sky Digital and either RGB or component video from DVD, depending on which machine I'm using.

You need to reset the convergence settings at regular intervals, but for big movies like Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, it's the business!

The scrolling thing you mention is sometimes a nuisance, but it's a small price to pay for the cinematic experience the set can usually give.

There's no getting away from the fact that for a 42" screen, you need a good signal source, so if you are not using RGB for the pictures, get it sorted asap!

Sound can either be through the set's internal surround audio system, or better still, through an external Dolby or DTS audio system.

Trust me, this TV is capable of very good results when it's set up properly.

Send another post if you still have problems...


The DVD player is setup for RGB and as mentioned going through Gold Ended scart cable any more advise please.

So do all sets suffer from the scrolling bar problem going across the bottom of the screen? Why does the set appear not as good a quality as my 28" widescreen TV, as the text was easily visible?

I was also informed yesterday by a comet sales person that game consoles should not be played through a Rear Projection TV however my set informs me that I can use them through scart. any one else using game consoles through their sets?


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I've used a PS2 and X-BOX since the day they came out on a Tosh 40" RPTV with no problems - as long as you keep the contrast down you shouldn't have any problems.


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