40W5500 HD playback via USB?


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Ok so I have a number of HD movies on my PC in a variety of formats, mostly H264 in .MKV format, and I want to play them on my lovely new Sony TV.

I can't connect the PC directly to the TV as it's upstairs and the TV is downstairs.

The TV is not networked and even if it was I don't fancy using DNLA to stream to the TV as the loss of quality from the transcode would be horrible.

So this leaves me with only one option to play my HD movies on the TV, the USB port. Sony have crippled the playback capabilities of the TV, presumably to keep Sony Pictures happy, so that it only plays back Mpeg1 (useless for HD) and AVCHD, which is seemingly a very nice HD format that I'm struggling to understand.

Now I've got myself a nice 16gb stick for not much money and figured out most of what I need to do:

- Convert H264 files to AVCHD using Gotsent
- Copy the .MTS file out of the STREAM directory Gotsent creates onto the stick
- Play it from the TV menu...

Now I've tried this with a couple of different movies and I get a "Playback Not Supported" message, but I know others have been able to make this work...

Anyone have any tips / suggestions for me?

Feeling like a noob again after 10 years of being an "expert" at this sort of thing :blush:


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Thanks for the suggestion, but the TV is not networked.

What's the other thread you are referring to, I can't seem to see it anywhere :S
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