40V3000 and DAV-DZ630 HDMI Control




I've got a 40V3000 and a DAV-DZ630 Home cinema. The two components are connected using an HDMI cable and an an audio cable (TV Audio Out to DZ630 Audio In). HDMI Control is enabled on both.

I want sound from the TV redirected to the Home Cinema. However, for some reason, the DZ630 shows TV as the active input but there is no sound at all. If I switch the active input to LINE then I can obviously hear sound from the TV.

As far as I understand, I need to do one of the following:
- Somehow convince the TV to send audio over HDMI (which I understand may be possible in general but this specific TV does not support this). I am really confused here but as far as I understand, audio will go on the audio lead.
- Configure the DVD player/Amplifier to use the LINE input for Audio from the TV (by default, the DVD player shows TV as the source and receives input from somewhere else - not sure from where, and I am not getting any sound)

Please let me know your thoughts.




I have bought the same set and spent good amount of time. Use Audio out in 40V3000 ( white and red ) and plug this in Audio in DZ630. You need AV or just audio cable for this.

While watching TV, turn on DVD and press function until you see LINE. Leave it for a few seconds you will hear audio in both TV and Audio System. Press mute button on TV remote.

For best effect press sound field continuously until you see "AFD MULTI".

Hope this works with your system too.

Best Regards

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