40's something PS vita or 3ds new


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Probably too old to be playing about on handheld games machines, but these smartphones are OK for things like candy crush and word games, but when it comes to immersive gaming with dual analogues you can't beat a real console...

I've owned a vita before and really liked it, but have played most of the top games on the console and own a few from the PlayStation store. Thinking of buying another vita as I sold my last one to fund buying a decent smartphone, but seriously miss some proper gaming.

Was thinking also about perhaps getting a 3ds new, but have no idea of they are any good especially compared to the vita. I like games like uncharted yet I've playing it through twice now, everybody's golf.

I like the look of monster hunter on the ds, but my thoughts are, perhaps the 3ds is really a kiddies machine, are the games mainly aimed at younglings, not some old git like me :)


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I'd stick with a Vita. I always see Nintendo as better for younger people.

Daft Ada

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Get a 3DS XL with Monster Hunter 4 that'll keep you going for a few hundred hours! If you like strategy/RPG titles there's also things like Fire Emblem, Etrian Odyssey or the Zelda games that all offer a good challenge.


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Tried the 3DS NEW...didn't like it im afraid, seriously not for me, so now have an OLED Vita and some new games, Ys Celceta is keeping me very occupied.


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All Change...I now have both New 3DS and the Vita, and I think I didn't give the 3DS a chance and didn't try the right games either, the NEW 3DS running Zelda Majoras mask and Monster hunter 4 is simply amazing, I havent been able to put the thing down, the Zelda game knocks Ys on the Vita for six, its so immersive and the 3D effect has been done very well, I have to sell one of the devices as need some cash for Christmas, but at the moment the 3DS is winning.

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