$400 budget, Looking for a gaming headset (PC / PS4 / Switch) and amp if it makes a big difference


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Hey everyone, I have a $400 budget and mostly game on my PS4 and Nintendo Switch and some on the PC, but will probably start watching movies if the headset is good enough, I listen to music every once in a while. I'm looking for a headset with surround sound, not sure if rumble is a gimmick or drives the price up it would be nice but it's not needed.

Also, I'm not sure if getting an amp makes a serious impact on the sound, so if it does, please keep that in the budget. If I have to, I'll get an amp further down the line. Finally, the headset does not need to have a mic attached, If I can buy a mic and have it work with my ps4 and the headset I buy, I'll do that.

This will be an investment for at least a few years.

I am looking for a closed back set.

Thanks a lot in advance, links are very welcome.


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If you want to use them on the PS4 they will need to be wired.
The PS4 does not connect via Bluetooth to audio devices.


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Steelseries Arctis Pro + Dac. Replace the pads with official leather alternatives and these are very very good. Mainly suitable for PS4 and PC but do work with other consoles (without the mic).
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