40" mounting height ???



Hi guy's,
I know that there is probably no hard and fast rule for this, but is there an optimum height for the wall mounting of an LCD.
Mine is a 40" and I considered positioning at mid way between floor and ceiling (7'6" high ceiling). Would you say this was about right ?
I know that to get the best view, it should be lower to suit the eye line of someone sat on the sofa, but would that not look daft ?
Ive also seen them mounted very high which looks just as bad.

You comments would be greatly appreciated ! :lease:


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It might look daft but it's correct, IMO.
Think about it.
If you'd laid out a few grand (going back a while) to stick a plasma on the wall in your pub/train station/whatever, you wouldn't stick it 3 ft off the ground would you?
Hence, you're used to seeing them high up.
But it should be in the middle of your viewing field from where you normally view.
By the same token, if you normally lie on your back on the floor, it might be best on the ceiling :eek: :)

Having said all that, it's your dough and your telly, so you stick it where you want mate :thumbsup:


I considered mounting it on the ceiling, but I think the mirrors would get in the way :D


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Mine went on a stand for the same reason, ahem :rolleyes:


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Mine's going above a fireplace simply because it's the only place it can go. If I had a completely clear wall, I'd mount it in line with the sofas though. In my case, just over a metre off the ground is where I think the bottom of the screen would ideally sit.


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Have seen TVs above mantelpieces which do look just right. However one would have to stand for best viewing, which clearly does not work domestically.
Experimented with TV on its stand so it can be positioned at different heights for prolonged TV & DVD sessions, to make sure.
She-who-must-be-obeyed agreed to the optimal viewing height where the middle of the screen is at eye-level when slouched on the sofas :) Which is 880 mm from the floor (except for 1 sprog who has no spine).
My Sony 40w2000u has speakers at the bottom of the screen so the TV's lowest point is 520mm from the floor.

Of course, that meant the existing mantlepiece had to be removed, and a custom hanging frame across the fireplace opening for the TV designed, built painted and installed.
Also a custom shelf that goes into the fireplace opening and comes out across most of the chimney breast and skirting boards replaced.
A false wall in the fireplace opening hides the forest of A/V cabling.
This is very much a modern and contemporary look ~ even the room's light fittings are changed to clean-line style.

Even though its not completed yet, it already looks fabulous and should be completed before Christmas. Did not expected all this interior design stuff when I went for a new flatscreen TV though!!


Short answer from me & the one I got from a professional installer who installed all my AV wiring when my place was built is that the centre of the screen in height terms should be level with your eyeline when seated in your viewing position, so what I did was sat on the sofa, got someone to measure my eyeline to the floor in cms & then mounted the bracket & TV accordingly with this measurement as the midpoint, looks great, viewing position is perfect.

jonny round boy

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Did not expected all this interior design stuff when I went for a new flatscreen TV though!!

Tell me about it - buying ours ended up with totally redesigning & redecorating the living room (and just before xmas too!).

PS - Why did you chicken out of posting pics?:nono:


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Haven't sussed how to load pics onto a web site such as FlickR yet.. but mostly 'cause it's not show room standard! :)
All that work and there's nothing to show, as its all gone into hiding stuff away!

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