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Groovy Ayu

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Hey guys,
I'm planning to replace my old HDready TV. I've read several reviews and guides but I'm still not sure what to pick.
I have space for 40", maximum 50". I can vary my distance to the screen depending on what I do or watch. No need for wide viewing angles, so VA is much prefered. I usually watch TV/series via cable and movies/series via HDMI (notebook) or via PS4, which is also used for gaming, but I'm not focusing on latency on my search.
Unfortunately my budget is quite low (400-500€, should be around 350-450£) and I want to get a good value TV for my money.
Currently on my list of possible purchases are: Samsung 50" MU61xx, Samsung 40" MU64xx, Philips 50" PUS6162/PUS6262 and Hisense 43/49" N57xx/NEC56xx.
As I want the TV to last for as long as possible I'm also looking at features I might not use now, but might be nice to have in some years. For example does the MU64 have 8bit+FRC and wide color garmut, but overall seems to have worse reviews than the MU61, especially in the sizes I mentioned. Also the MU64 seems to have Edge-LED and the MU61 Direct-LED. Philips and Hisense also have Direct-LED. The Hisense model seems to have low brightness, only 200cd/m² on 43" and 250cd/m² on 49".
In my price range Panasonic only offers 40" 600 series models (EXF687, EXN688, EXW604/S) and Sony offers mostly IPS panels (if the information were correct, models are for example: 40WE665, 43WE755, XE7096 in 43"/49"). TCL and Thomson TV only seem to be ok/good in the US, not in Europe, and lack good smart TV functions. Hisense has some new models (AE6000 would fit my budget) but I haven't found any reviews yet, propably too new.
So, any advice? I've seen the Hisense N6800 getting good reviews, but it's more than 150€ over my budget.

Angelo M

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The new Hisense H50A6100 is a good choice for you with its VA panel, I.M.H.O..


The street price should be within the € 500.

Ich besitze seit 3 1/2 Jahre ein Hisense Fernsehen (I own for 3 1/2 years a Hisense TV set). :)

Groovy Ayu

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I didn't find any specific information or reviews for the new Hisense tvs (is the A6000 the same as A6100 for example, maybe just different numbers depending on the country but there's really no information about that or at least I didn't find any). The 50" A6000 is almost in my budget with currently ~510€. The N6800 is ~560€, maybe I'll wait until there are more reviews that show the differences between the two (and if A6000 is = A6100).
Panasonic is really confusing with their names/numbers. The cheapest 50" (EX700) is way above my budget, ~630€. There's only one model that seems to be from the same series that's cheaper than that, but it's 40": TX-40EXM715 for ~495€.
As I can vary my distance to the screen, it wouldn't be a problem if it's smaller than 50". I'd rather take a 40"/43" with a good panel than a 50" with a bit worse panel to stay in my budget. (Hisense N5700 or A6000 in 43" for example)


Your logic would normally apply but in the TV market but the smaller the TV now the worse overall quality it is. Small TVs are not like they used to be a few years ago where it was possibly to buy smaller but get a better quality TV. Instead nowadays manufacturers only offer their cheapest model ranges at smaller sizes.

The Hisense models you are looking at are mixture between 2018 and 2017 models, the 2018 models we know very little about - no reviews yet and information on them is limited to specifications.

The N6800 is a 2017 model and is generally well reviewed, it's a great TV. Can't say if the new A6000/A6100 is its successor or not, it's possible that the newer models aren't as good and perhaps more similar to the N5xxx Hisense series from 2017 instead.

If the Panasonic is too expensive but the 50N6800 isn't then the 50N6800 is definitely best value, its just as good as the more expensive Panasonic.

But you get what you pay for at this price bracket, so if you already have a decent TV it may be worth keeping what you are using until you can afford a more comprehensive model. Especially if you care to have better HDR which is probably going to start at around £1000 for a 49".


Ah ok, thanks a lot for your explanations! I'll save for the 50N6800 then :)
I would be wary about it selling out, being a 2017 model. Its strange because I cannot see its natural replacement from 2018 on Hisense' website. I wonder if there just isn't a similar spec TV this year.


Just found out that at least here in the UK it looks like the U7A is the N6800s replacement. Not 100%sure yet but it looks like it's higher spec also with a 120hz panel so may even be a better option at the same price.

It's a new model though so it may be more expensive.

Groovy Ayu

Novice Member
The U7A is also available here in Germany. 50" costs ~680€. Specs look really neat though. Maybe I should wait until there are some good sale offers.

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