40-43" range - stick with LED or go QLED?


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I've had a Samsung 40H6670 for around 6-7 years now and it's been perfect. If I recall, it was one of the best rated 40 inch LED sets in my price range at the time I bought it (here's one of the reviews from the time! an old review).

I've been looking at the next-gen games consoles that are coming out soon and after a long absence from the video games scene I fancy getting one! But to get the most out of it, I reckon a new TV is in order!

As I've been more than pleased with my current set, I've had a look at the Samsung range, initially the 43Q60/65T and the 43TU7100 (possibly superseded by the TU8000?). I've seen these available for £549 and £349 respectively. I understand the first is QLED and the second is 'Crystal UHD'. The reviews for the Q60T do not sound impressive and suggest that the larger sizes in that range are much better - but I only have room for a 43 inch set maximum, so am I better off sticking to the cheaper UHD range and getting a mid-top one of those, or going for the low-end QLED? Or should I look at a different brand altogether?

The TV is mainly used for Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime and (hopefully!) some next-gen gaming.

Any advice appreciated! Thank you!


QLED is not a new display technology like OLED. It is marketing for how certain LCD TVs display their colours.

At this size, its best to buy as cheap as possible since there aren't any great TVs sub 48" these days.

There's been quite a few other threads on similar topics that may help, especially this recent one: Looking for a smallish TV (gaming/movie watching)?

The conclusion, at least in my opinion. Don't spend more thinking you're investing in a better TV unless you plan on buying a larger model. If stuck only to choose from smaller models, buy cheap.

Bit of advice from me too; don't fall in to the trap of falling for the marketing talk. Things like QLED, Crystal UHD etc mean nothing. They are just ways to make one TV sound more attractive than another. Specifications that matter when shopping for a TV nowadays are specifications manufacturers tend to hide, or aren't usually clear about with consumers.

For gaming in the next gen, definitely consider the 48" LG CX OLED:

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