Question 40 - 43" 4k? HDR? £500 - £600 budget


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Looking to upgrade to a new TV. I honestly can't even remember the model of my current TV, all I know is that it's a 7 year old Samsung Plasma.

A few pictures of the living room layout. These photos are 3 years old and taken about 1 week after moving into the house, but the sofa and TV have not moved.




- Am I going to benefit from UHD at this distance? TV is 5-7 feet away, at a guess. I think I'd prefer a 4K TV, even if the benefit is minor.

- Is HDR on a sub £1000 TV worth it?

- Should I avoid curved? I recall seeing a Samsung or Sony slightly curved TV within my budget that had good reviews.

- I'd like a snappy os and we do use Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime so if so I should probably avoid Android?

My shortlist, mostly based on reviews:

Panasonic TX-40DX600B
LG 43UH661V
Samsung UE40KU6000k
Sony Bravia KD43XD8088

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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I really wouldn't bother to upgrade if I were you, at 5-7 feet you need to be aiming for at least a 55" tv to benefit from UHD.

You may be interested to read here:

and here as a new TV may not be as much of an upgrade (if at all) than you think:
Thinking of replacing your plasma?

To answer your questons:

HDR isn't worth it unless you can spend 1k, anything less and you only really get better colours. Peak brightness will be poor and you won't get any kind of local dimming either.

Curved doesn't really make that much of a difference, its very slight. Not really worth worrying between curved or flat.

If you want a snappy OS save yourself a bunch and get a firetv or similar. Its an upgrade over any smart tv.


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Thank you for that advice. Interesting read about the plasma.

Having trouble finding the model of my current tv. I think it's a 2008 Samsung, as it has a big bezel with a redish tint.

Regardless, another reason for considering an upgrade is because the room is very bright. You can't see the screen at all during the day, and the curtains have to be closed. Would this still be an issue on a modern LCD?


Its difficult for me to say as I don't know how bright your room is, every room is different, some TVs have higher peak brighness due to the advent of HDR but they tend to fall in the pricier brackets.

One TV that is cheaper that has a decent peak brightness would be the Samsung KU6000 series. You don't get a wide colour gamut like the KU6400 but you get a much brighter screen due to it being direct lit. So this may fair you well for a bright room.

Just don't expect it to work miracles, you may find SD content looks worse on it and HDR isn't really worth thinking about at that price range.

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