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40-42" Plasma or LCD for upscaled SD DVD's



Hi All, :hiya:

I'm looking for a 40-42" plasma or lcd for mainly viewing SD DVD's upscaled via a Denon 3930 from a distance of around 10 feet.

As well as watching PAL/NTSC colour DVD's, there will also be black & white movies - so far I haven't seen a flat screen that handles these well .. they don't appear smooth as on my crt tv.

Also, a lot of 4:3 movies/tv series .. currently on my panasonic crt tv, I find I prefer it's 'Just' mode, which extends the picture at the sides while trying to maintain the central portion correctly .. anything like this or better on flat screens?

Ideally also need a swivel pedestal and a 5 yr warranty.

Budget upto 2K.

Any suggestions?

Cheers :thumbsup:


Prominent Member
At 10ft away you dont need a 1080p panel.
You might be lucky and find a Pioneer 4280XD or 428XD, been discontinued, but still the best.

Otherwise the Panny 42PX80, around £620. Panasonic dealers have a free 5yr guarantee offer.


A bit difficult to describe, but on some flat screens, b&w movies appeared to have too much noise - kind of looked like there were lots of extremely different crontrast levels within the same frame. They didn't appear as smooth as they do on my crt.

For 4:3 pictures I'm looking for something equivalent to the 'Just' mode on my panasonic crt (which extends the picture at the sides while trying to maintain the central portion correctly) - I'm not sure I'd prefer side bars (grey or black). :D

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