40/42'' lcd tv???


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Looking to upgrade form my Tosh 37C3000P.
Been a fantastic TV and still looks bloody good to this day
Moved house and the 37'' is a little lost in our new living room so looking to get a 40 or 42 LCD as an upgrade.

Budget is around £500 give or take a little.

Main use is Sky SD, but have an HD box so we can get HD Channels and prob will get more in the future so need 1080p.Gaming is not a major requirement.
Use DVDs quite alot, but Bluray will be coming soon.
Have a PC hooked up for video to (Currently connected via VGA but Mainboard has HDMI so will use that just not got around to it yet) .
Think I've covered everything...



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I'd look at the Sony 40ex403 and Samsung 40c580 as a starting point - do you watch sport, if so 100hz would be useful, but the 40" equivalents will be over budget at £600+

Just a side note, broadcast HD TV is not 1080p, only blu-ray is (and it's helpful for pc use)


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fast reply - cheers!
No sport so I can rule out 100hz. Does 100hz have any other benefits, I remember checking out 50/100hz CRTs years ago and you could really tell the difference between them, esp. on fast moving pictures..


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Yes, for fast moving pictures, hence sport. Although, if badly implemented the 100hz processing can be poor due to with over-smooth, unnatural pics. From what I have read, Sony and Samsung are ok, LG less so

Another option around the budget is the Panasonic 42S20 plasma, but plasma not advisable for extensive PC use due to the risk of image retention from static images


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Just had a quick measure up and it looks like it will need to be a 42''. I don;t think I'll see much improvement only going to 40..
I'm going to have a browse at comet/currys later this after just to get an idea of size.
Anyone got anything to say about LGs in particular:
LG 42LD450 or LG 42LD490 doesn't appear to be many reviews on them.

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