4 tips on how to get the best response to your threads

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If you think about search engines when composing your thread, you will almost certainly get more people to read it.

Here are our 4 top tips for composing a new thread so that it gets the best response.

Tip 1 - Compose the title with Google in mind

Don’t assume that your audience is limited to readers of the forums.

Most people arrive at AVForums because one of our threads appears in their Google search results. Your thread title is important because
  • it contains the text which matches their search and
  • it's the big text they see in the search results
Here is an example.

Say you want to start a discussion about the theme parks in Europe and get some recommendations from members.

This thread in the General Chat forum has a title what is your favorite theme park in Europe?

And if people search for
what is your favorite theme park in Europe?
Then this thread is shown on the first page of Google’s results.


But most people wanting to find recommendations on European theme parks are more likely to search for
Best theme park in Europe
And if you do that search, AVForums is nowhere in the search results.

So our tip is to go to google.co.uk and type in the words most relevant to the subject you want to discuss and see what search suggestions it gives you. Then use the most relevant one as part of your title.

Tip 2 - Don’t assume the forum title will be included in your thread title

There may be a temptation to, for example, assume that the discussion about Call of Duty in the PS4 forum will not require the word ‘PS4’ in the title. But when viewed on Google, the forum title is not shown. So if you want the relevant people (those with PS4s) to find your thread, then include PS4 in the title.

Tip 3 - Avoid spelling mistakes

It also doesn’t help that ‘favourite’ is spelled incorrectly in the previous example (the thread starter is from America, so we can forgive his error).

Incorrectly spelled words will reduce the likelihood that people will find your thread.

Most browsers have spell checkers in them these days, and you should take the time to fix any misspelled words.

Tip 4 - Try to repeat the key words from the title in the message body

Google likes it when the key words are in the body of the page as well as the title.

In the above example, the message contains the key words ‘best’, ‘theme park’ and ‘Europe’, so that’s a good job. If there are any additional key words which you think might help like ‘holiday’ and ‘trip’, then try to work them in to your message.

Try following these tips to see if your thread appears nearer the top of the search results.
It's good for you and it's good for AVForums if more people find your threads.
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